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How do I get my Mac laptop and my Mac desk computer to exchange files?

Asked by diajoyce (5points) March 2nd, 2007
I have a firewire but don't know how to get them to talk so that I can transfer files.
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Do you have an iPod (or something similar)? I find that the easiest way to transfer files between computers. In iTunes you can enable it to work as an external hd. Then you simply plug it into the first computer, copy to the iPod, plug into the second and copy from it.
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If you have the correct firewire cable, you just connect the firewire ports between your macs, turn on your laptop (hold down t for 'target disk mode'), turn on your desktop, and then your laptop acts as an extra hard drive -- so you can drag and drop to your heart's content. Check under your mac help (look under 'target disk') for step-by-step instructions.
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I like to use FolderShare to do this. You can get it for free at


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As long as the 2 machines are both on the same network, you can just turn on “Personal File Sharing” in the System Preferences. This will allow you to log in to the other machine and drag-and-drop files from the Finder.

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