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How can I access my desktop options in Properties/Display?

Asked by Gemini (495points) August 7th, 2010

I am the second owner of this computer and the previous owner was using one of her own pictures as a desktop background. I can change this as often as I’d like using my own pictures, but I can’t access the Windows pictures, or even the stretch, tile, or center option. I can change the color but I can’t see what difference it makes anyway. Is there something that I can do to rectify this problem. Just in case it matters…I am not having the same problem with the screensaver options.

As always, thanks! :)

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Start /Control Panel/ Display/ Desktop tab.

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I’ve already tried that. I actually know how to do this…’s just that the computer won’t allow me to. You know when the area is kind of grayed out and you can’t access it to make anything happen? Thanks for answering though! :)

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It might be an issue of whether you have administrative privileges on the computer or not.

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