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How do you cure a headache/migrane naturally?

Asked by Kkrazy55 (127points) August 7th, 2010

I get very many headaches that EASILY turn into a migraine that ruins my day. They usually happen when an event is here. I once had to miss my sisters b-day party because I got a migraine and I was only about 7 then. I get them from my Grandmother; when she got headaches, she could barely stand up much less walk! Nobody else in my family(the share the house kind, i mean, so you don’t get confused) has migraines but me. They might get super tiny headaches but that is all. I take a pill that works well, but I have been getting many headaches lately; more than I usually do. How can I cure a headache naturally to where it stays away for a while? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I was younger, I would get those paralyzing headaches. I couldn’t move, and any sound or light was painful. I used to take very, very hot baths, and sleep for a few hours.
For the last few years, I have used Aleeve, and that stuff works great, but it also takes time.
If you feel one coming on, try pinching the skin between the thumb and the first finger. I have had some luck with this.

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Go to a neurologist to determine if your headaches are actually migraines. There are maintenance meds that do a good job at keeping you from having them. I’ve been on one for 18 years.

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When I get headaches and I don’t want all the medicine and stuff like that, I just drink lot’s of water. It works wonders:):):)

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Real migraines are caused by too much blood in the head due to expanded blood vessels. The medication that is used when a migraine presents constricts the vessels. I do not know of anything other than prescription meds to do this.

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Prop your head up and lay on a couch with it totally dark and put a cold wet rag covering your face.

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You could look into Feverfew. It might be a help.


A good night’s rest.

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@lloydbird I have been looking for feverfew for years at various health food stores and have yet to find any. Do you know where to find some?

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water + whiskey + sleep always works for my headaches. But just water and sleep would probably work too.

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I use aromatherapy in such situation. Chamomile or Peppermint for headache and migrane. Put them as incense or use it as message oil or if you’re in emergency situation you can put it on your tissue and breathe the fragrance.

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Drop a brick onto your foot, you’ll forget about the headache very quickly.

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Sorry, there is no natural way to cure migraine headaches. i have had them all my life and have tried every treatment and drug known to mankind. i had to play the waiting game. mine ceased around the age of 52. i was having a migraine attack every three days. i wish i had better news for you, but i had to play the waiting game. most migraines are hereditary. does anyone in your family have them?

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Chocolate!! A square of Ghirardelli 86% Cacao works like magic for headaches!! It is also great for backaches, belly aches, sinus infections, allergies, hunger pangs, blurry vision, sneezes, hiccups, sore knees, stiff joints, hot flashes, bad breath, dry skin, oily hair, chapped lips, heart burn and ear aches to name a few. I buy the Costco 90 lb slab as it goes fairly quickly in my house!

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I have been to a pro headache/migraine doctor probably since I was 8. My regular doctor gave me various medicines to help but never helped AT ALL!!!!! My headache Dr. gave me a medicine called Nodelol. I still use it but I have been getting many more headaches than usual. I have had to get a bigger tablet before but I think the one I use is the largest one. I have tried excedrin but that doesn’t help. It seem nothing at all helps. Eating and drinking water helps the headache or migraine to go down a tiny bit but then it goes back to normal or worse!!!!!

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@papayalily A quick search on the wondrous web produced this.

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