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How can I study abroad for free?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) August 7th, 2010

I’d really love to do a semester abroad (in England, coming from the States). However, I need it to cost me, like, 100 dollars. I know that you can often get help paying for the actual tuition, but are there ways to help with the cost of the move, or are you pretty much SOL unless you have a trust fund or parents or something to help out with all the other finances?

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Isn’t it possible to get a scholarship?

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@Thesexier But even if I got a full scholarship, wouldn’t it just pay for tuition and some living expenses, but not the cost of things such as customs? I can put most of my stuff in storage, but it makes sense to carry some clothes, computer, bare essentials, plus I have 3 pets.

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Pets are always an issue when going abroad. Some places have nasty quarantine regulations while other places outright disallow “foreign” animals. I’m not sure off the top of my head where England falls though…

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@jerv I know, and that’s a huge bummer (although I can totally understand it).

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Scholarships and student loans.

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At my school, studying abroad usually costs the same as a regular semester. A couple of programs are extra, not sure how much, possibly up to $2,000. Colleges usually try to make it as painless as possible because they want their students to go abroad.

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From what I remember, England is one of the strictest with quarantine of 6 mos.

Since they’re an island, they don’t want to take any chances on rabies.

I just checked and they are still rabies free but have modified their policy slightly. It’s a little involved because rabies can take 6 mos. to manifest.

If its possible to do this 6 mos. Before arriving there you can get your animals vaccinated followed up by blood tests sent to a lab.

Essentially doing a self quarantine but you’d need backups of all the records from vet and laboratories.

Better check with an authoritative source to make sure everything you plan to do regarding the pets follows their protocols.

If you want to make some extra money while there to supplement your scholarship, you might consider street busking.

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@papayalily . You could maybe work your ass of if you are planning on going to study abroad, the remaining days you could work like a pig and I am sure it pays off later:)

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I would also consider very carefully which part of England you want to come to… London is almost prohibitively expensive, as are most places in the South. Do you have a university in mind? Is it fixed because of where you attend now? If you’re only coming for a year (semester = year??) then you would be best to find care for your pets at home. Rental properties here often have very strict rules on animals, and student accomodation is almost certainly going to be a definate “not allowed”.

Busking is a nice idea, but you will need to check with the local authorities as generally permits are required. Bar work is always popular and often the easiest extra work for students to find. Depending on the course, hours at university are rarely 9–5, so you may be able to get a part time job in a shop or cafe? Minimum wage for 18–20 year olds (as of Oct 1st 2010) is £4.92/hr and for 21+ years is £5.93. With bar and cafe work you may get tips on top, but tipping is not compulsory here (although 10% in restaurants is common).

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Are you enrolled in college? Many schools participate in study abroad programs that allow you to pay your regular tuition and study at a foreign university. You do have the added expense of living expenses, however. There are also university scholarship programs that you apply for that are funded, but that depends on your university. My daughter did a semester at a university in Quebec that included tuition, living expenses, and a travel stipend. A young friend is headed for Japan for a year; that program also comes with travel and living expenses included.

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I think many universities have housing, or you can stay with a family, so its just getting there is the only added expense really. You would have to pay for tuition, food, shelter, anyway. And, as many have mentioned above there might be scholarship money, especially if you are studying something that needs more students in the program. Even if you have to pay for tuition and living expenses, it should not me much more than what you would pay at home I would think, unless you are applying to a university in the foreign country and would be paying out of country fees. If it is through your university here I would assume tuition fees are similar to what you pay now. Your pets are a problem probably. Can someone in your family watch them for a few months? A semester is only about 4–5 months.

You mentioned customs, what are you bringing with you that you expect to have to pay fees or taxes at customs?

Are you in college now?

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Some states in Germany don’t charge tuition, just a small administrative fee of about €30 per semester.

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Hi, most of the banks provide up to twenty lakhs for students seeking funding. Apart from loans, you can also look forward for scholarships provided by universities and other organisations…
There are a lot of universities willing to provide a 100% scholarship and much more .. provided you have good academic performance. In such cases they will fund tuition as well as living expenses.
You have to prepare well in advance to avail such financial support facilities

Check out more info and advice @ Uniguru regarding funding options to study abroad

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