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If cupid came and gave you a chance to get anyone you want with his love arrows, who would you choose and why?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 8th, 2010

okay like that title says. Cupid comes gives you chance, who and why? I wouldn’t do anyone since I don’t think I need help I want to make myself feel good instead of having someone get love for me. But who would you choose? Oh by the way (NO SUPER STARS HAHA!)

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Him, the guy next to him, and a whole team of Canadian ice hockey players.

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I an Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from the Vampire Diaries:)

if no superstar, then I would just be single until the right guy comes around. I have to fine the love by myself…

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Mellisa Joan heart… er she’s a star… I guess I haven’t met the right person yet…so no one for now…

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Pamela Anderson.

I love the idea of blowing her off all the time.

Her scratching at my door, and me, telling her to go away.

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The person I’m going to end up spending the rest of my journey here on earth with. Haven’t met him yet, so this will hurry things along.

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Cupid has already done his work in my life, so I would ask if he would mind scaring someone up for my ex. As long as she is go to my boys I don’t care who she is, because know It would do wonders to get the old goat off my back.

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fuck cupid and the white horse it rode in on….

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hahaha…yeah, I’m with you…shoot cupid and the damn horse, relationship is soooo over rated! lol

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She knows who she is.

Even if she doesn’t think she knows.

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Since I am still working on that aspect of my life, there hasn’t been anyone yet to receive cupid’s arrows. @BoBo1946 Shameful!!!

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@pearls cupid has never been a good shot !

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Yeah, no arrows here, just tomahawks! lolol

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@BoBo1946 Same way with me, but I’m still up to looking. Maybe it’s just that we don’t know how to choose mates….lol

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What a cupid stunt!! I’m already spoken for so no pricks for me…...err, that didn’t come out right ;¬}

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Gerard Way <3 (I know, he’s married, blah blah. but dreams are dreams :p)
(and you said ‘no super stars’, so I guess I’ll just stay single)

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Sarah Wright

@BoBo1946 – this may be the white horse cupid rode in on. The last scene pretty much says it all for these old boys.

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The guy who gave me my first kiss. Though, he’s technically one of my best friends as well, and I wouldn’t actually want him loving me because of this sort of thing. But it would be nice to not go through the whole unrequited love thing, for once. I know, I know, that makes me sound really bitter.

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@ipso that was COOL…love it…and, unreal. loll…thank you for sharing that! Everyone should watch Patches!

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No superstars!!?? cupid is cruel. There was this girl in college, she let me stay in the bathroom and roll a J while she took a shower, but the shower door was frosted not clear :\. We kissed once too. But she’s cute and funny.. she looks almost identical to my older sister.. which doesn’t bother me for some reason.
But ya, cupid do your thing.

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I have the person I want. But he can shoot hm in the butt with the arrow if he wants. LOL

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Depends how powerful those love arrows are. I can’t think of anyone I’d want irrevocably devoted to me for life. (I’m not opposed to life devotion—it’s the irrevocable part that would freak me out. Things always change.)

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I’d tell Cupid to keep his fucking arrows and put on some damn clothes. I already have the love of my life.

Who the hell thought giving a half-naked baby sharp objects was a good idea anyway?!

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That little bastard always ambushed me when I wasn’t looking. I’m with @cprevite , he shouldn’t be allowed to have sharp objects.

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Bobo!!!! Because he has such an aversion to the whole darned idea! lol!

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Oh, dear…I can’t say Bobo, huh? Because he is a superstar!


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no superstars. hmmmm My doctor?

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Double dose my husband . I don’t want a divorce.

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