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What to do when you can't sleep?

Asked by sml (107points) August 8th, 2010

I don’t mean like forever, just a trick for a single night.

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I take a shower. Even if I have already had one in the evening. Oh….I also have sleep meds if I need them.

Edit: Just saw your age, so sleep meds would be out. I also have some mindless games on my Iphone and sometimes I play them after the shower. It’s important for me, to get to sleep, not to feel like I must get to sleep. So I distract myself with games.

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thanks I think I will

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I Fluther…

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that’s what I’m doing right now. and last night, but I have A TON to do tomorrow, so I need sleep.


I find putting a little mentholated Vicks Vapor Rub right under my nose helps. The soothing scent of menthol puts me to sleep. Sometimes, I even rub a little of the stuff on my temples. It’s like a little relaxing massage.

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I can’t sleep when I’m on the computer so I get off when I need to get up early.
Eating a snack. Listening to music. Put a nightlight on. For some reason a little light helps me to fall asleep faster but sometimes total darkness does. Hot bath, after school i would take one and fall asleep in my towel on my bed.

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I hang here on Fluther. But when I really know I need to get to sleep, I take an extra couple of 3 mg. melatonin. Typical doses are around 1 to 3 mgs, and 50 mgs. is quite harmless. There really isn’t much of a threat of overdose, as it’s a natural hormone the body makes to quiet the brain and bring on sleep.

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This may sound like an old wives tale, but a warm glass of milk and a hot/warm wet towel over my eyes with a dim light on…

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I just got milk :)

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I’m gonna try to turn off the computer.

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Read. Either you’ll lose interest in the book and slowly trail of to sleep, or you’re be very interested in the book and stay up reading. Either way, it’s a win for you.

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I love to be on Fluther and I do for awhile when I can’t sleep, but the computer can keep you awake.

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Yea I’ve stayed up untill 5am on the computer. Time flys on here and keeps your brain busy. It’s the devil i tell you the devil…lol jk

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Take a tylenol PM,. Does the trick for me.

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Read or watch TV, or i’ll just lay there until i do doze off. I’m not the type that so easily actually gets up in the middle of the night to find something to keep myself busy with until i finally get tired – at least, so far i’ve never done this.

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I read, write, or watch TV.

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thanks. I ended up having a glass of milk, then fell asleep. Go figure?

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What works best for me is not to lie there, but to get up and do something, like read or Web surf.

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