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What's something you miss from being a child?

Asked by ucme (49636points) August 9th, 2010

Yeah, something that for you encapsulates your childhood more than anything else.

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I miss eating poridge.

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I miss living for today.

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Mom and Dad.

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Not having to read three books a week and being tested on the content to determine if I will be able to keep my money to go to school.

Other than that, I’m quite happy with my life now compared to my childhood. I love the freedom of self-determination.

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Lots of free time.

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Sense of security, carefree days.

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What @ZEPHYRA said. I miss that feeling of security. Now it seems so many things are unsure and you no longer have mom and dad to pick you up when you fall.

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It was less crowded. I miss that.

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I miss my Dad’s hugs

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I miss being wheeled around town by my mam, wrapped up in a cosy blanket. Ah, those were the days.
I miss making imaginary dinner for my parents and my brothers and watching them pretend to eat it.
Most of all, I miss my family for I don’t have that now.

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I miss hanging out with the neighborhood kids all day over the summer, and then all night.

I miss playing one level of super nintendo each night with my sis/older brother/dad until we beat it.

I miss not having to take responsibility for my actions, people used to just laugh it off saying that was “cute” or “hilarious” when I did something bad. :]

I miss my siblings being younger, our family seemed so perfect when we were little, but now it just seems so full of change/nothing constant.)

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I miss being able to fit in my Darth Vader pajamas.

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Being able to lose myself in a playground. Spinning the merry-go-round so fast that i fell off.

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My mom. She is still alive today, I just miss the mom that she was when I was a child.

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I miss going to our grandparents’ house and hunting for the hidden treasure chests with all of the cousins. There was one that was the boys’ treasure and one for the girls, both filled with Grammy’s old costume jewelry. We’d hunt for the other team’s treasure chest, and if found, hide it from them and tease them incessantly about it.

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The feeling that life is care-free and exists only for me to enjoy myself.

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I miss being able to play pretend without having the feeling your being watched. Those days where you could be anything. Hours of the day could be spent on a boat, a rocket, a farm, the forest, anywhere you wanted to be.

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Drawing with a stick on a dirt road ;)

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I saw it on FB, but I really think it’d be my answer. I miss being a little kid, when the hardest decision you had to make was which crayon to use, and drama was “He took my toy!”. Those were the days.

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Riding my bike everywhere and anywhere, playing whiffle ball and fishing from that old leaky green wooden fishing boat I was allowed to row out into the lake by myself and fish for hours!

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I miss having a close family.

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I miss living in the moment. Literally.

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Being able to get money handed to me with out having a job

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I miss my green dinosaur rollerskates.

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Going on family holidays to the sea – me and my sister used to take our barbies with and pack bags for them with clothing and stuff in as if they were going on holiday too. Anyway, we used to go every year.
Also, every second Christmas year we’d go to my dad’s mum’s farm in the Karoo (semi-desert area), and there’d be a big Christmas evening with one of the dads dressing up as Santa and all our cousins would be there and we’d get lots and lots of presents handed out to us. That was fun.

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‘Knowing’ that your mum and dad have all the answers and the freedom of spirit that knowing provides.

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My mom, my dad, my bike, having neighbor kids to play with at almost any time, being allowed to stay up late to watch a hockey game, and family trips (ok, only parts of that one!)

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Having all the family members, 5 Aunts, 5 Uncles, an even dozen cousins and 2 Grandparents, with in walking distance.

Looking forward to parties and presents at holidays.

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I miss everyone getting along. I also miss barbie games with my next door neighbour. We played hardcore WWII barbies… they had to go into hiding from Nazis. OR Loyalist Adventure barbies where they had to make it to canada. Or we just played pioneer barbies. Ya… I was an odd child.

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Running outside, didn’t care about sweating or bugs. Being stress free and worry free is something I miss as well!

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Yearly road trips with my grampa.

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20 20 vision, reading books under a blanket with a flashlight was not a good idea.

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