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Do you use cruise control?

Asked by Poser (7805points) March 23rd, 2008

I’ve done lots of Interstate Highway driving over the last year; one particular six-hour stretch of I-10 to be precise. I’ve noticed that many of my fellow motorists seem relatively oblivious to their cruising speed. I’ll usually pick a speed in the 70–85 mph range, set my cruise control, and not touch the accelerator or brake pedal for hours. I inevitably end up in a game of leap-frog with some yahoo who can’t decide how fast he wants to go.

Even if your car doesn’t have CC, it isn’t too hard to set your foot in one position on the accelerator to keep one speed. Why don’t people do this?

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I’m not comfortable with the since of giving up control, especially when roads might be bad and more importantly I don’t trust the divers around me to be any sort of reasonably intelligent drivers. The only time i’ve used it is on I-5 from LA to Sacramento and I always had to deal with the occasional jerk who decides to swerve out into the opposite lane then back to mine just to take that extra 12 feet.

True that i can always disable it at an instant, but i think CC lulls me into a false sense of alertness.

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I love using cruise control on Robert Moses Parkway in the late afternoon It is a beautiful beach road with amazing views, and almost no cars. With cc I am able to maintain speed while still able to see around me.

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I am a cruise control user. It saves gas and can stop me from getting a ticket when set properly.

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I have a lead foot, so I use it as much as possible. I also have to deal with those dumbass leapfroggers. It wouldn’t be a road trip without at least one.

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I use cruise control almost religiously. Saves me gas and that makes me happy

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I use it on long trips so my ankle doesn’t get tired, but I am leary of it because I’ve heard stories of it getting stuck. It happened on the Florida-Georgia line once, and that was pretty scary. A man couldn’t get his to turn off, and had a lot of near misses before he finally shut down his engine and coasted to a stop.

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I only use cruise control when I go on long drives, like when I go out of state. I have to use cruise control because if I don’t my leg starts getting real tight.

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EVERYDAY! I even use it on short stretches just to save gas.

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i mostly use cruise control when driving in areas with a speed limit of 35 or lower to stop me from going to fast.

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Edit: In my earlier response I meant Robert Moses Causeway, not parkway.

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Before I had a car with Cruise Control, it still drove me batty how people vacillate their speed. I was taught to monitor and maintain my speed, to give a more gas going uphill and a less for downgrades.

Since getting a car with Cruise, I use it daily… including on the local roads to keep me from my tendency to have a lead foot… e.g. in school zones where it is 25 MPH (which is typically the minimum speed that cruise can be set to) or other roads where I know the police like to hang-out and set up speed traps.

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Always, anyone who thinks it takes away control is only fooling there selfs, your never really in control

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I use it whenever traffic allows, but never in rain. It tends to cause hydroplaning on wet roads.

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I have a lead foot. Cruise control saves me a lot of money.

(Of course, my current car doesn’t have it, but that’s okay, because I haven’t driven in a month anyway.)

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I use cruise control to avoid getting a ticket, mostly on long trips. I had a rental recently that did not have cruise control. When passing one of those individuals who speed up when someone is passing, I also sped up without noticing the change in speed. Add to that I had called my mom to check up on her. About that time I noticed the CHP coming across the median. I looked down and was going 88. With cruise control it would have been set at 78 in a 70 zone. The officer was kind enough to give me something to add to my “to do list’. Traffic School.

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I also only use cruise control on I-5 between Sacramento and Monterey or LA. Traffic tends to be too bad on I-80 or anywhere in the Bay Area or Southern California. For me, cruising constitutes much more than just speed, it also involves satellite radio (so I don’t have to fiddle with changing CDs and stations), and a driving companion so I can relax and enjoy the ride when my neck and back start to hurt from being stationary too long ;)

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Germany is too densely populated for that. But I love the cruise control whenever I visit the US.

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Absolutely. That way I KNOW it’s the driver I just started passing who is the one who sped up, and it wasn’t me who slowed down.
I want to get a bumper sticker that says, ‘USE YOUR CRUISE!’
Using your cruise would save a lot of people a lot of headaches from drivers who randomly speed up and slow down, and don’t even realize it.

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