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Xbox 360 wireless network adapter problems?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) August 9th, 2010

I just bought the wireless adapter for the first time. I have a wireless internet and its the linksys one. But everytime I play a game like Modern Warfare Modern Warfare 2 and World at War, I always lagg and have 2–3 bars of connection. I mostly have 4 bars, but i mostly have 2 or 3 bars. I have the home wireless connection one, and I can get good connection for my laptop upstairs and downstairs. But when i logg in to Xbox Live, it laggs.
Please Help.. Thanks

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Running the xbox tends to suck up a bit more power than a computer, in my experience. Particularly if you’re playing online with several other people, like you would with COD. Do you have the same problem if you try a private game with say, just one other friend, for example? Are you running anything else that uses your internet connection?

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no, when i go to private match (just me) i have stong connection

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