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What is worth fighting for?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 10th, 2010

Where is the line? Do you fight for what you believe in? What’s worth the drama?

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Love(towards family and true friendship), your country and your honor.

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Your right, to paaaaarrrrrrty!!! I do apologise, that was beastly of me I know.

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A cheap plastic mud wrestling trophy.That’s what worth it ;)

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@ZEPHYRA very good answer i strongly believe in honor and fighting for loved ones. No matter the cost.

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Love, honor, dignity. I was one of the quiet and reserved ones while growing up so I tended to let people walk all over me. It’s not very often that it happens very more – at a certain age you get tired of taking people’s bullshit.

It is important to stand up for yourself (even if you’re the only one standing).

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An ass cheek massage.

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My children and my self respect.

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I never take people’s bull. Never have. I remember when i was 8 i was at the boys and girls club. This 13–14 year old boy tried stealing my candy. I got up, warned him. And he didn’t listen. I knew i had hardly a chance but i walked over to him and kicked him between the legs. I got my candy back.

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Same things I always say: love, children and justice.

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freedom… then my children, etc. Without freedom, my children have nothing.

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Yup, what @Simone said.

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My children. Hurt them and I’ll allow them to spit on your grave. I’d fight to the death and do all manner of reprehensible things to protect and avenge my children. I’m worse than a mother bear.

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Viagra and peanut brittle.

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@truecomedian your not very funny for a comedian.

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Are we talking physical fighting or any kind of fighting? Because I don’t do physical fighting. I’ve never had to. Everything else is a decision about how far to push it that is made on the spot. I can’t give you a line in the sand. The line keeps getting blown away by the wind no matter how many times I try to draw it.

So there’s always a cost benefit analysis. It seems to work. I’m doing pretty well.

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physical mentally and emotionally.

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Sorry I stepped on your question with my lame response, I’ve been up all night snorting Ritalin and drinking codeine cough syrup, little out of it.

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No its fine, i bet it made some immature people laugh. No need to apologize, but for a comedian it wasn’t funny.

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We’re all different, but in ways we are all the same. We love our families and do anything to protect them.

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Change our way of living and use resources smartly, so that planet Earth can accommodate 8 billion people in the near future.

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