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Do you think it would be boring dating someone like you?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) August 10th, 2010

Would you date someone that had the same personality like yours, liked the same things as you, had the same habits as you, etc.? Some people think that’d be boring but I can see another side to it. Having someone that understands you and someone you have a lot in common with. I guess it also depends what kind of personality…because sometimes you need a partner that’s a little bit different than you to bring out a better side of you…if that makes any sense.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d like to date someone like me. I met someone a looong time ago that was like me and he was interesting. He was a lot like me in how we thought and stuff but if I dated him I don’t think it’d work out because we’re a lot alike.

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Hell no! Annoying maybe, but boring – never. (Ah – now I read the details.) I think there are enough differences betwen two people that even if there are enough similarities for understanding, there will be enough differences for spice.

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In that I have entertaining hobbies and interests outside myself, I look for the same in a potential partner. I look for someone who is outgoing like me, introspective like me, and has interests that are similar.

Books. The person has to like reading. (I love to read.)

TV. He can’t be a slave to it. (I rarely watch anything on TV.)

Those are deal breakers.

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I’m probably one of the most interesting people I know. It would be nice to have my own company. I think we’d get along quite well. And we could jam together! That would be awesome!

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No, just plain no.

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Hell No! I think
I am a very jolly person and like having fun it started when I stepped out of my shell and stopped being so shy! Thank You Lady Gaga
I am a very happy person, I can be a little annoying sometimes and self-centered but hey that’s what life is about!

There is always some time when someone can be annoying, un-happy and all that other stuff.

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No. I don’t think I am boring, so someone like me is not boring either.

I think it is a good idea to date people who are similar and compatable to you. I guess I can see your point that if someone is very withdrawn, maybe someone with a more outgoing personality might help get the less outgoing person out of the shell a little bit. But, eventually it might also lead to the outgoing person feeling stifled by the withdrawn person, and the introvert feeling constantly asked to do things outside of their comfort zone. That whole thing about opposites attract is not a good idea generally I think.

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I don’t think it would be boring, but it would probably turn into a “Rimmer & Rimmer 2” situation.

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Hell no! I do work 5 days a week but I make up for it! ;)

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My boyfriend and I are pretty damn similar, so yes. :) I’m a fun person.

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I wouldn’t be boring, but I don’t think I could put up with a person with my personality. I’d drive myself crazy.

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Boring? Christ no!

In fact, I’d probably smother me in my sleep. I’m a royal pain in the ass.

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I don’t know if it would get boring or not, but my husband really doesn’t share any of my interests, and a lot of times that really sucks. I love to read, I love going to movies and I love playing world of warcraft. My hubby dislikes all of those things, so it’s really hard for him to understand why I enjoy them so much. Sometimes it seems like he doesn’t “get me” at all and it’s frustrating.

I’d never leave him over those things, but yeah I think it would be really nice if he had the same interests that I have.

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I wouldn’t really want to date someone like me necessarily, but I don’t think I am boring to date. I think I make a great s/o.

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I like @janbb answer most i think.

Half of being in a relationship is nagging and complaining about things the other one does to pass the hours right? I’m virtually perfect, so if my SO was like me we’d have absolutely nothing to bicker about.

But, more seriously, this was when I was still a teen but, I dated someone that had all the same interests, even down to drug preferences..It it was almost like we were jealous of each we were competeing to be the better “US”...“Hey I really like that shirt” “Ya I like yours too..but mines just a little better aye?” “Grr” .. “Hey look what I made.” “Wow neat! But look what I MADE!” “Ugh”

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I have met one person in my entire life who was exactly like me. He was a boy. We hated each other with a fiery passion.

I could not date someone like me unless the local police force wanted to deal with a double homicide.

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interesting LMAO…u hated him. My brother and my dad (I know SORT OF OFF TOPIC) are exactly alike and never get along

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I got split personalities, so I think I am.

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Are you kidding!!! Boring? Heck, I’m so fun and charming that most of the time I just go out on dates by myself.

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Absolutely not, and I probably wouldn’t date me. Too much work.

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Boring? Never!

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I don’t think there are too many men who wouldn’t like being around a woman who makes them feel like they’re the only man alive. I don’t think comedy has anything to do with it. And if they happen to be over one hundred years old? No; they wouldn’t find me dull in that case.not too many left in That age bracket, though

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I am far from boring. So NO..

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Nope, the more we have in common, the better, especially a wide range of interests to keep us from being bored. Neither my husband or I know how to be bored.

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Haha, I couldn’t date someone just like me. I’m a really big smart ass sometimes, but I don’t like when people are being a smart ass towards me, and in an arguement I always have to have the last word. So the argument would never end.

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I agree with janbb here. No 2 people can be exactly alike, there will always be enough differences to keep each other honest. I personally would prefer someone similar to me. In my case opposites do not attract. The people I get along with the most are individuals that are similar to me, not just in dating but any type of relationship such as friends and acquaintances. There are always some differences between me and other people I associate with (I wouldn’t want a carbon copy of myself to date) but I do prefer people who are very similar to me. This is from personal experience.

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No, it would be a blast, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven.~

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No. I’m not boring and I like to have fun. I think maybe I haven’t seen and participated in a lot of what goes on in the world. But, I think those are things I’m better off without. So if no drugs or casual sex means boring, you might find me so.

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I don’t think it would be boring. My husband and I have a lot in common in regards to our personality and hobbies. We also have a few things that we didn’t have in common when we started dating, but we have shared them with each other and now we both enjoy doing those things together from time to time.

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Hm it only depends I know I would be horny and so would “myself” so yeah lol. But it would die after time goes by and wouldn’t work anymore so I have to say no since I’ll love myself, and yes since it would get boring in the end.

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If I met someone like me, ever, we would have to fight to the death. So no.

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I would run screaming from anyone like me. Actually it amazes me that anyone would want to be around me.

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Honestly, I was wondering about something. Do those match-maker sites like cater to the poor as well. Like would they put two poor people together, or better yet, a poor boy with a rich old lady? Dental dams are in my future.

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Hm good question a side of me thinks if we are so alike that maybe we’d get sick of each other and bored because of it.

Or maybe the opposite because we are like it’s easy to get along and have fun. Never a dull moment and we flow like water.Yippee ki yea!

Hopefully the latter. :)

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I can be quite entertaining as long as my dates don’t want to discuss celebrities or baseball stars.

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It would be hell dating someone like me.

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I married him.

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