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What is the best way to get discount tickets for the Broadway shows that come to San Francisco on tour?

Asked by occ (4176points) August 10th, 2010

I’m interested in seeing Wicked at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco, and would also like to find other ways to get discounted tickets to theater in SF. I tried Goldstar, but they didn’t have the dates I wanted and the tickets were still pretty expensive ($50 each). Any other ideas? Is there a discount last-minute ticket booth here similar to the TKTS booth in NYC? Or are there discount services you can sign up for ?

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The way I would approach it would be to go on Craigslist. There will be people who try to up sell you. Usually you will catch a deal from someone who is trying to unload their tickets.

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The best way to get discounted tickets is to be very flexible on your times and dates.

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craigslist and ebay are great. The Orpheum theatre also has a $25 lottery ticket available (cash only) about 2.5 hours before the show – but its limited view…

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