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Is there really such a thing as a new idea?

Asked by MoxieGal (358points) August 11th, 2010

Or do we just keep recycling old ones and pass them off as new? When was the last time anyone had an original thought?

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After all these years there are not any original thoughts or ideas except in science.

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Well As I see it there are always orginal thoughts happening all the time . You just have not heard it yet. Think about how many recipes are created, and inventions being thought of, or sayings, words , quotes,being made up. You’ll come across sooner or later something you have never heard of. It is a new to you but old to someone else. Life is funny that way.

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The US patent office gets about 450,000 filings per year. About 50% are approved.

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I disagree with @NormanL. I think there are original thoughts every day.

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Don’t think discovery is limited to the realm of science. People find new bits of existence all the time (because of time); regardless (case-and-point) an old idea with new perspective is a new idea.

Call it recycling if you want, but that seems disrespectful.

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People have original ideas all the time. For example, I just imaginied an eight legged goat galloping across the sand dunes on Jupiter’s moon Titan, with its three gilded silver horns glistening in the sun. I’m quite sure no one has had that exact thought before.

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Yes. And the number is infinite.

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