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Is there a website where you can download audiobooks for free?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) August 11th, 2010

Lets say A FAREWELL TO ARMS audio- a person that reads the book to you. So you write the name on the website and it gives you a link to download and you hear the words with a player on your computer?

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I guess you could try this link
It was just the first in the search results. Have no experience though. I’ve always used peer-to-peer to get audiobooks. :)

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Librivox has done all (or almost all) of the books in the public domain.

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Depends on the books and the quality you’re looking for. I use project gutenberg but that’s because I’m trying to force myself to read classics…

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i cant find on any of these a farewell to arms

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My library a large selection of downloadable audio books, but not A Farewell to Arms.


@jaytkay can you give me a more specific link to that site? Thanks

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@RANGIEBABY You need a Chicago Public Library card to access the audio books (and ebooks and music downloads) but FWIW – .

Check your local library, I’ve lived in three cities in the past ten years and all the libraries had downloads for cardholders.


@jaytkay Well I don’t live in Chicago, but I will check in California. Thanks very much.

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try rapid share system it should be in basic menu to offer.Than you should funde it

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