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Are you capable of murder?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) August 14th, 2010

Pretty straightforward question. If you or a loved one were threatened, or you wanted revenge, could you do it?

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If me or a loved one were threatened, yes, without a doubt. But just for revenge, no.

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Hmm. Hard to say for sure, I don’t usually think of myself as capable.
But if it were to defend a loved one I could see myself being incredibly violent. So it’s possible.

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I don’t think most of us really know what we’d be capable of under extreme circumstances. I sure don’t.

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Yes. I can even do that for conspiracies.

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NO. I would do everything in my power to protect a loved one, indeed. Under extreme circumstances as self defense? I have no clue. You mean if there’s no other choice? I would never kill anyone for revenge. I’m a sane person.

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Yes, I am capable of killing someone. Would I actually do such a thing? I have no idea.

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Of course I’m capable of it. I’m just not stupid enough to do it. If I ever came to a situation where murder/self protection was an option, I’m pretty sure I would stare like a deer in the headlights. It all depends but I don’t think I would have the will power to do the deed.

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In defence of those I love I might do so, for revenge, no.

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We are animals underneath it all. We wear a thin coating of civilization, but that is all too easily peeled back to reveal the savage underneath. I’d say that a crisis can bring out the best or the worst in all of us, but prolonged adverse conditions would probably tend to cause us to revert to self interest rather than cooperative efforts. If the trucks stopped running and the grocery stores ran out of food and you were unable to get more for your children, what would you do? If society were to vanish, like inside of the dome in Houston after Katrina, for example; if there were no law and anyone could do anything one were strong and bold enough to do, to what lengths would you go to protect your child? Or your lover?
We, none of us, are more than a few steps away from the beast. We are basically dependent on society to stay alive. If society were taken away, which can happen in a moment, you would find out very quickly exactly what you were capable of.

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I don’t believe there’s anybody who isn’t, given the right circumstances.

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yep. come after my life, or someone i love dearly, and i have no problem putting you to sleep forever. i wouldnt feel bad about it either.

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Yep. Even here.

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I’m sure I could, given the right circumstances. Not sure what those are, but I guess I can imagine.

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I could if I was defending my family. I would probably throw up after.

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I would have gladly killed Meg’s abuser, very slowly. The only thing that stopped me was Meg begging me not to and the knowledge that I’d be the prime suspect if anything happened to him.

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If it was in self defence or to protect a loved one then I think I probably could but, seeing as I cried my eyes out after accidently hitting and killing a pheasant with my car, I doubt it would be easy!

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I don’t even like the gentle crunch you feel when killing a bug, but I could kill someone for revenge and self-defense.

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Anyone ever puts my kids in mortal danger then wow are they in trouble. Murder? Manslaughter at worst. I absolutely know what i’m capable of & in that hopefully never to be experienced situation, I wouldn’t think twice, simple as.

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If people I cared about were in trouble, I would probably attempt it but end up dead myself. I don’t think I’m physically capable, even if I wanted to.

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I’m capable of defending loved ones, am open to participating in combat and would volunteer to execute convicted, guilty beyond a doubt criminals. Murder of questionables though, I’m not sure.

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Everyone is capable of murder. Its all about the right circumstances and mindset for each person.

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I would do anything to protect my best friend including going threw hell. I would kill a person to save her life and protect her, i would do this knowing full well i will go to hell.

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yeah. I think we all are.

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Don’t know. I can say how I feel now (that I wouldn’t do it), but if the situation arose, it could change how I feel.

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Protecting myself and a loved one wouldn’t be murder, it would be self-defense, which I am capable and willing to partake in.

I would never murder someone outright. It goes against my entire moral framework of not infringing upon the rights or existences of others.

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