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Can you help me list vintage Halloween costumes?

Asked by Dog (25061points) August 14th, 2010 from iPhone

As an artist I have a tradition of painting vintage trick-or-treaters every year.

Nothing commercial like Star Wars or modern. I am seeking vintage generic like cowboys and Indians (done last year)

Can you all help me with ideas?
The more ideas the better!

Some of the many I have done:

Please give me a hand here.


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Bum, belly dancer or gypsy, ghost.

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Firefighter, nurse, polliceman

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Vampire (Of the Dracula variety, not what passes for one nowadays).

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vampire, farmer, doctor

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Nothing would be more vintage than a ghost or a witch. What about a banshee?

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Nun, nurse (candy striper, or whatever they were called?), ballerina.

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frankenstein. baby. your mama

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werewolf, mummy, french maid, vampire, bunny,

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How about a soda jerk?

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You guys are brilliant! Thank you!

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A few that haven’t been mentioned: cowboy/girl, black cat, ballerina, gypsy, angel, pirate (ahoy matie!)

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@jonsblond That is priceless! Thx for sharing.

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