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Good wireless keyboard/mouse?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) August 15th, 2010

looking for cordless keyboard and mouse so I can get rid of some of the cords from my desk
I want something with
– long battery life (charging dock included)
– nothing over $100 (including shipping to Canada)
– possibly backlit on keyboard
– only using it for typing, internet browsing , and regular use (not looking for gaming keyboard/mouse)
– also consider buying them separate (or just buy either one)

below is the two I found from dell website

any other suggestion??

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My advice is to actually go into a store where you can try them out. I have learned my lesson about buying keyboards and mice without using them first. I have hated every single one of them. And they are what you have to touch all day so you might as well take them for a test drive first.

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I use a Logitech MK300 wireless keyboard and mouse. I’ve been very happy with both of them, though there is no charging station included. I’ve never had to change the batteries in the keyboard, but do have to replace the mouse batteries maybe once a month. I second @johnpowell‘s advice about checking them out in person, though. The ‘feel’ of keyboards/mice varies so much, and it’s so important to get one that feels good to you.

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As a mouse I use an A4tech NB60, which gets its energy via electromagnetic induction from the mousepad. The mousepad is wired, but at least it will not interfere with you using the mouse. You will not need to change or recharge batteries whatsoever.

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Whatever you choose, stick with Logitech. Good keyboard and mouse products with good support.

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Logitech. I’ve always been happy with their products, both in style and operation.

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I’m waiting for these babies to come out. But they aren’t wireless.

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I guess i am the luckiest person in the world. i walked into Big Lots and located a stack of brand new packages, which included the keyboard and mouse. made by GE and what a buy! i paid 19.95 for the whole package. bought some new AAA batteries, hooked it up and it works like a charm. i figured for a $22.00 investment, how could i go wrong. i was right. the words you are reading are typed on my new keyboard.

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Stick to Logitech and try it in person first.

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