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Are there such things as question killers?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) August 16th, 2010

I’m referring to the phenomenon that happens when someone has a good question, but because of a few choice responses, people stop wanting to reply.

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I think there may just be such people. I don’t think they have that intention, though.

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More derailed than killed. Kind of mortally wounded but still kicking & screaming, at least for a while.

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Well, no point in continuing this one.

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Yes, especially when someone feels that the question is not worthy because they happen to disagree with it. We don’t have to answer every question you know. ;)

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I’m here now. No reason to go on.

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No, not at all.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I have felt questions of mine in the past got deflated before they could really fly because people misread the question or didn’t get the jist of the question and steered it another way people who came in after the fact miss the question because their answer diverted them. I believe it happens maybe more to the fact that the person not fully understanding the question and where it was leading or pointing out.

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I used to be a question killer. Dunno what happened. Oh I know. I stopped looking at a question after I posted once or twice.

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Me thinks the true nature of this question is being choked off by weeds as we speak.

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Good I like the weeds, it’s inevitable. There’s got to be some basic Fluther Formula. To explain why some good questions get lame or no reply, and the contrary. Overall though, Fluther is highly random. It’s pandemonium.

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I am pretty sure that I am guilty of killing threads. So my answer is yes. :)

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Only thing that can kill a thread is a wet diaper.

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A wet diaper, lol, finally someone who speaks my language.

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The way people use the word killing.

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@wundayatta You are the question-guy – not the question killer. Besides the sheer number of Q’s and Posts you’ve contributed (for those curious it’s nearly 1000 questions and over 12,000 answers, you seem to always have something to say about everything. I may not always agree – but you are usually respectful of everyone, sensitive, and most importantly – do not judge anyone and contribute to this site like no other. I think you, Daloon, are fluther.

Hope this doesn’t kill the thread. What was the question? ~

But I strongly agree with @Hypocrisy_Central.

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I don’t think so, not really. People always have something to say lol.

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I think it’s possible if one user start to demand affirmation about how bad the OP’s question is. Chatty people too(especially in General section)can make the whole thread become off-topic.

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No, I only skip questions when too many people say the same thing I would have said if I found it sooner.

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This should be less likely in the general section because you have to stay on topic. Issues definitely seem to drift of topic in the social section however. For the many people on Fluther that do not want to take certain issues seriously then I guess certain topic drifts at times have kept me from posting on certain threads. Sometimes I drift myself on a topic but even then I am still trying to be serious or helpful.

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@zenele Try telling Andrew or Ben that. You’d get either a blank stare or a frosty look.

But thanks for the sentiment. I’m touched. I wouldn’t mind being indispensable to this place. Especially if it came with a stipend. ;-)

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@YARNLADY that is another reason I forgot to mention. I do not like repeating other peoples’ answers.

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