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Can I import an MS Word file into my iPhone 3G? How?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30699points) August 17th, 2010

I have a MS Word file that I need to have in my iPhone for a volunteer gig next week. How do I import it via iTunes, or do I use another program (the file is in Word 2010, but saved as a 97–2003 compatible file)?

Will I have to convert it before importing? My desktop OS is Windows XP.

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I’m not much of a techie but can’t you send it as an attachment via e-mail and open it on your phone?

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Apparently you can view/read MS Word and Excel documents that you receive as email attachments on your iPhone. But you cannot separately open them in an application or edit them.

If you are looking for a third-part app for this functionality, this $10 app might interest you—

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