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Which type of palm date fruit is the most delicious?

Asked by citizenearth (781points) August 18th, 2010

I see lots of supermarkets are selling palm date fruits nowadays, especially in anticipating of the Eid-Al-Fitr festivals in about 3 weeks’ time. I have tried the “Neglet Nour” cultivar from Tunisia which I found tasty. Can anyone recommend other good or better cultivar/type of palm date fruits? I heard “Mariami” & “Mozafati” from Iran are good too.

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Any Date from Madina, Saudi Arabia. They melt in your mouth, ( and in your hands too :). They are world renouned.
Try em’ and let me know what you think!
You can find them in some farmers mkts. But mostly in Arab/Pakistani Groc stores.
Good luck.

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I like the Medjool or (Mujhoolah).

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Recently I googled and got the info that “Deglet Noor” from Tunisia is claimed to be the best. Another source informed the Iranian dates (Mozafati & Piarom) are among the best in the world. Is that so?

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