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What is something in your life that has gotten better over time?

Asked by second_guessing (923points) August 19th, 2010

Can be as simple or as thought provoking as you like.

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Migraine headaches. first one started at the age of nineteen and lasted untile age 52. they were horrible. then, they just stopped. i believe my headaches were hereditary, since my dad had the identical same situation with his headaches. his stopped at age 51. i have been blessed that they are no more for me.

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Sex, my guitar playing, my appreciation for others and their attributes as opposed to their flaws and my ability to fold my laundry more quickly.

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It hasn’t just been steady improvement, it’s had ups and downs, but I think I’ve gotten better at not putting as much pressure on myself, becoming less anxious, and keeping my own well-being in mind while making decisions.

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My temper. I am more forgiving.

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I am more responsible with everything I do and more independant.

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Maturity, understanding, temper, goals and focuses on more important things in life, and my rapacious attitude towards injustices caused by religious people lol.

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Foreplay!! Well when you’re a young dumb full of come teenager you think it’s something to do with golf XD

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The love for my husband.

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@john65pennington I can relate to this one. I’ve been headache-prone since I was a kid, but the migraines started out of the blue just before I turned twenty. They were awful for the summer and there was this mess with doctors not knowing their source and my not having health insurance and it was a nightmare. Thankfully, they have dissipated enough for me to go about my daily routine without having to pop a daily pill.

Something that has gotten better… my inferiority complex. I’d like to think that I have a healthier perception of myself now.

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My ability to stand up for myself—for my rights, my beliefs, my opinions, my abilities, even my quirks.

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My crows feet, get more and more defined every year…

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My life. There were a lot of bad things that happened in my younger years. I’m glad things have gotten better over the years.

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My kissing. French kissing.
I sucked it in in it, for the bigger part of my life, i didn’t actually liked it, but the last to years i started to learn and love it.

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My patients and MY BS detector. Good one @lucillelucillelucille .

I find I sleep very well after blowing someone off. I have no guilt. (very little)

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@ChazMaz , I didn’t know you were a doctor. ;-)

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Sometimes it sure feels like it. ;-)

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Envy and competitiveness are burdens that are just about gone. still working on it. More spiritual, much more. Like animals now; never noticed them most of my life.
Other than those, nothing much.

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work schedule
stress level
metabolic profile

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how much beer i can consume in an hour.

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Tolerance and patience.

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not much, except maybe when someone is planning on deceiving me. I often learn of it before the offender realizes it.

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