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How long after starting antibiotics for strep throat should the soreness start to go away?

Asked by jgalfer (91points) August 19th, 2010

I’ve been on them for 24 hours now. The fever is gone. Throat kills. Ugh.

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Antibiotics typically take about 48 hours before the symptoms start to fade or stop. The key is to continue taking the antibiotics as directed and until the prescription is finished.

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all right. i thought i would have seen improvement by now. so, i was frustrated. i have no problem taking them until the end of the bottle. thanks again!

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I would have said 24 hours usually.

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Get some of that otc Cloraseptic thraot spray. Tastes funky, but numbs your throat.

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@janbb I double-checked on several medical web sites. All said that the fever should go away within 24 hours, and for the rest of the symptoms, it can take anywhere from 1–3 days. (The Mayo Clinic recommends contacting the doctor if the symptoms don’t go away after 24 hours.)

@WillWorkForChocolate 100% agree with you Chloraseptic.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m sure you’re right then; maybe it is that symptoms should be starting to go away within 24 hours.

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I triple recommend Cloraseptic. Got me through the mutliple bouts of strep I had as a kid.

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I took my first dose of antibiotics within 12 hours of the full-on soreness and it was considerably better the next day.

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48–72 hours. If you are better in 24 hours or less you probably should not be on antibiotics.

I agree chlorespectic spray, you can spray much more often then it says I have no idea what it says, but I have taken it by the teaspoon full for esophogeal ulcers under doctor recommendations. Not that I am telling you to take it by the teaspoon full, just spray it at your throat.

Also, no hot liquids! Cool and cold. People many times recommend tea and soup, bu tthat is for solds, not for strep. Remember heat causes inflammation. Suck on a popsickle. Think about it, who ever heard of a kid getting a hot cocoa for his sore throat after a tonsilectomy? The cold will reduce inflammation.

Also, take a couple of tylenol maybe.

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@jgalfer Feel better and welcome to jellyville.

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Two or three days. You’ll probably start to feel better within 36 hours of your first dose.

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I allways got relief with the above mentioned spray or low budget gargel with lots of salt water.

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thanks everyone, my fever has gone back up a little bit tonight, but i’m on about hour 40 since first dose.

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Take some tylenol or advil so you can sleep. Hopefully, you will wake up tomorrow feeling some improvement. The end is in sight, just have to deal with the discomort another day at most.

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Thanks everyone for such support on this issue. It was pretty awful. And after five days and the addition of steroids, I’m on the mend. Best to all of you!

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5 days. Ugh. I wish I had realized how much discomfort you were in. I should have mentioned that they can give you xylocane which completely numbs your throat. Dumping steroids into your body isn’t good for you (not that you should worry doing it this one time, but I like to avoid it, knowig that their might be times it is really necessary). Doctors suck that they do not prescribe xylocane more often. You gargle with it and swallow and get complete relief for a few hours. The only negative is you cannot sleep while you are numb. So, at night you would be back to a regular pain killer and chloreseptic.

Well, you will know ffor any time in the future if you or someone close to you needs similar medication. I am glad you are feeling better.

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Among various other age groups this ailment is quite regular in young children because they spend enough time in closed areas and it is well known how the bacterias which causes the strep throat is effortlessly spread by hacking and coughing and sneezing and also by simple handshake and also coming in contact with objects that many other little ones feel, for example books, pencils for example. Ordinarily if the children suffers from a sore throat it is not essential to have medications for the reason that trouble will go away on its own.

The particular indications of strep throat irritation usually come in three days following the individual got infected. The earliest signs or symptoms are white and red spots on the throat that may be easily viewed. It’s also possible to notice that the tonsils are larger sized at this time and they also contain pus plus white covers. Ingesting and swallowing food is often challenging in those people who are contaminated. Sensitive and swollen lymph glands normally display on the sides from the neck. Some other strep throat symptoms we have to mention are stomach ache, fever, head ache, uneasiness, nausea and sickness, loss of appetite, stiffness inside joints, muscle tissue agony and skin allergy.

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