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Does anyone know how to change the power on/off sound on a Droid?

Asked by CutestManda (65points) August 20th, 2010

When I first got the phone, it made the really cool “drooooiid” noise when I turned it on and off. Now it does this stupid ringing sound that I HATE! Does anyone know how to change it back without doing a factory reset?

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I don’t have a Droid, I have an Incredible, so this won’t be exact, but…

Go to Settings – Sounds – Notification sound

Change your default notification sound, and that should do it.

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I tried that…it still does the awful ringing =(

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If you’d like a ridiculously hard method, install a different ROM.

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does it happen after the phone shows the home screen? if so, it could be the phone recognizing the memory card.

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Nah that makes a different sound. It does it when it says its shutig down and when you turn it on and its doing its droid eye thing.

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