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How to get rid of FaceBook Notifications on a Droid Eris?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) April 13th, 2010

I just recently bought a HTC Droid Eris, and really like the phone. But a problem that I have with it is, when I click on People, and then Updates, it shows that I have 700+ updates and when clicking on it, it’s all the updates that I’ve seen already.

I tried clearing them all on my computer but have found no change on the phone, also tried logging out and restarting the phone. No luck. I’m really anal about my phone and want it to be working in tip top condition but it’s hard to know if I have a facebook update or not because the counter will only go up! Please help me!!!

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Each update is “forked” and sent to both your computer and your phone. This happens before the update is actually posted in either place; they are two separate systems and totally independent from each other.

The only real ways out of it are to either disable getting updates sent to your phone or hide certain updates from both your computer and phone period. Of course, the latter solution won’t solve the duplication issue.

Now, it may be a different story if you access FB using your browser instead of HTC Peep. If you use the browser instead then you should see the same thing in both places since you are actually going to the same place through two different devices, if that makes sense. I looked around a little bit and it seems to me that Peep is AFU :P

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