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Whats with this guy?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) March 24th, 2008

whenever i hang out with this guy he always talks about having sex, smoking, drinking, and parties. is he trying to impress me because he thinks this is what im into? is he just a jerk/loser/idiot?

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I think you answered your own question here.

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He sounds shy, like he likes you but he dosent know if you like him, Eager to impress

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I have to go with jerk/idiot/loser. I’m a guy and avoid talking about the qualities that make me undesirable. He seems to think that these are a plus. Run for the hills.

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Are you into those things? No? Then lose him !

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In the words of the great brethren known as Monty Python RUN AWAY!

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@riser: good response. =)

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Unless he is trying to persuade you to try the things he is into, he’s probably just testing the water to see if you are compatible. Once he determines you are not compatible, it may in fact be he who runs for the hills first. Not like that would be any great loss in my opinion.

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sounds like a dud. ditch him and find somebody more worth your time.

unless of course you want to party, drink, smoke, and screw… then he’s your guy!

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