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How many different products are produced globally?

Asked by Chatfe (427points) August 21st, 2010

As in, how many different types of things are made? If you don’t know the global estimate, the US estimate would still be great. Thanks.

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Depends its prob slightly higher than what a wal-mart stores which is prob 100,000 different types of products… more if you count the useless crap made in the planet…. a trick is to count how many companies are listed on the stock exchange and thats the minimum for the country

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Google Products claims to index over 130 million. I’m sure the global count is at least 3 times higher than that.

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What do you mean? The number of distinct products (eg toilet paper, artillery shells)? The number of different brands? What about raw products, such as minerals and crops?

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I don’t think this question could be any more vague.

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Here’s some more detail to explain what I mean.
How many types of products are produced (you can think of these as SKUs – stock keeping units). I’m interested in the number unique products, not the number of the same product produced multiple times. So that means that 10 Millions boxes of cereal made up of 50% Cheerios and 50% Honey Nut Cheerios would count as 2 products to me.

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