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Dog shoes/boots for dogs?

Asked by mcw (208points) March 24th, 2008

When my dog has a lot of exercise and is on his feet, his pads will break and crack. I’ve been looking at different shoes for him to wear to help prevent the problem, and I was hoping for some recommendations of specific brands that have worked for some dog owners out there.

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What kind of weather do you have where you are? Are you looking to keep them dry, or just protected? What size of dog?

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It’s hot here in Florida, but it does rain a lot. But the reason I’m looking is for protection from rough surfaces—from walking, running, rollerblading with me on the concrete/sidewalk et cetera. He’s about 65 pounds, a large dog.

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I know that one of my friends buys theres from:

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Thanks! I will check it out.

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I found this site, which apparently had a paw (no pun intended) in outfitting the NYPD Canine Search and Rescue Unit canines at the World Trade Center Ground Zero site.

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He may not tolerate them very well and it will certainly make it difficult for him to maintain his body temperature in hot weather (dogs cool themselves through panting and through sweaty feet – pretty much the only area that they can sweat in).

You may want to try toughening the pads. If you place wet tea bags on his feet for about 10 minutes (or as much as he’ll tolerate) a couple days a week, the tannic acid will toughen the tissue.

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