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Does anyone know of any reputable online publishing companies?

Asked by JackofallTrades (30points) August 22nd, 2010

I would like a few websites for online publishing companies that execpt electronic submissions and simultaneous submissions. I would prefer suggestions that are reputable and have a few years under their belts.

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I have a friend who’s published a series of novels through Daniel & Daniel. He’s done well and is very please with them.

Good luck and welcome to Fluther.

[EDIT: I’m sorry. I just looked at their manuscript guidlines, and they don’t accept them via email. Sorry. My mistake.]

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Are you talking about “print-on-demand” services, book self-publishing facilities, or actual full-service commercial book publishing houses? or online magazines and journals that publish short fiction? or print magazines and journals that accept (not “except” or “execpt”) online submissions?

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Print journals and magazines that accept (*opps typo last time) online submissons and full-service commercial book publishing houses that accept online submissions as well. If there are any of the latter that allow online submissions. Thanks for the help.

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@JackofallTrades If you ever want to go the self publishing route try

On this site your books will be printed on demand, as well as being downloadable ebooks.

Well worth you taking a look at.

All the best with your writing and publishing.

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Depends on what you’re publishing.
If you have comedic short stories or essays, I suggest something like McSweeney’s.

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