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Is a temporary burnt image on my Plasma Tv normal?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 24th, 2008

sometimes when it turns to a black screen i can see previous screen, well the white letters form the previous screen. And the Tv is only like 2 months old. What’s your advice?

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Well, I’ve heard that LCD-based screens can actually get the equivalent of CRT burn-in, except that the LCD can be fixed.

Plasma, I dunno.

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thank goodness i got warranty.

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I hope so. One of Dell’s warranty pages states: Image Retention (or “burn in”) on LCD flat-panel displays is consider improper use of the display and is not cover by Dell’s limited warranty.

Of course, yours is plasma, and I have no idea what brand. YMMV.

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It should eventually go away. Just dont leave it on a still picture for an extended amount of time. If that’s not what you’re doing then turn down the contrast setting.

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