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Have you ever locked yourself out of the house , or car?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) August 24th, 2010

It’s a horrible feeling. It’s like “Nooooooooo, I didn’t.“I have plenty of times in my life.

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Yes, although I left my sunroof open so I jumped in and drove away lol.

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@Blackberry I wish my car had a sunroof. Was it a tight sqeeze?

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If you get locked out of your car have some friends try their keys in your locks. There are about 1000 different key patterns, so sometimes you can get lucky. I locked myself out of my car and the second try from a friend opened the door.

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@Frenchfry No it wasn’t very tight because I’m a slim guy. I just put me feet in, stepped onto the driver side and slid the rest of my body in until I landed in the seat.

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I was about 50 miles from home and locked myself out, and 30 seconds later, a fireman stopped and had one of those car door openers… Lucky that day.

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@Frenchfry funky bit of usually useless trivia. I came across a news article the automakers wanted to reduce the number to 500 from 1000 but the gov’t didn’t go along with it.

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@BoBo1946 I am never that lucky.It cost $75 one time.
@Frenchfry It is good to know. Your smart.

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Did it once with my car. Carry a spare key in my wallet ever since.

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Yes both, my car only last year! :-/
Left my keys on the seat & the car locked itself up!!!!
Fortunately for me there was some guys just finishing work at the supermarket I was at.. One of whom had quite a talent, by the time this guy came along I’d been trying to get into my car for forty minutes. He was in there in less than two minutes :-/
I was very grateful……

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I lock my keys in my car when I had it, and I was at home and therefore I was locked out of my house. What a day. I managed to squeeze my fat ass through the bathroom window, and hit my head on the heater on my way in, and down. I then had to wait for my dad to get home so he could unlock the car for me to get the keys.
I was very mad at myself, while I waited for my dad to get home, my ice cream was melting in the back seat. :(

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My mum once locked herself out of the car, walked all the way home, and then remembered she didn’t have a spare house key and had to sit on the front porch until someone came home. This is why we tell her, repeatedly, that she needs to carry a mobile.

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Nope. We did go out one time and when we came back, lightning from a thunder storm tripped the electricity, so we couldn’t get in by the garage doors, and we didn’t bring the keys to get into the front door. So, one of us had to climb over a 12 foot gate at the front door and break a window to get into the house.

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I’m usually pretty good about stuff like this, I like to think of myself as always prepared.
Recently my husband and I were running late to get to a wedding and he locked the keys in the house. He actually ended up breaking a window and climbing in to the house (not easy, mind you, our windows are not all that close to the ground) dress shirt and tie and all.

Kind of funny.

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I once locked myself out of the car with the keys in and the engine running. No spare key. My how I laughed…

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I’ve locked myself out of both. The car was at the grocery store when I was 16. I had gotten out of the car, but left the keys in the car (they fell on the floor when I went to put them in my purse and I didn’t realize it). I went shopping came back out to reach for my keys to realize they weren’t in my purse. I looked in and saw them on the floor. I had to wait for my mom to bring the spare. The house was my old apartment. I had walked my son to daycare that morning (my car was in the shop) and I forgot to take my keys with me when we left the house. I had to wait an hour for the property manager to come in and unlock the door for me.

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I’ve been locked out of my car but never my home. I have OCD when it comes to making sure I always have my house keys on me.

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Yes. Once took my dog out for a walk on a sunny morning and when I got home I realised my keys were in my coat pocket – still hanging up inside. And I had to be at work in an hour, and it wasn’t a place I could take my dog to (I worked in a kitchen at the time). I had to phone my partner to come home and unlock the door, and I was only half an hour late for work.

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I went through a phase where I always left my keys in the car. I got really handy with opening the lock with a wire hanger. The weird thing is, I would remember to bring a hanger with me when I went out, and I’d remember to stick the hanger underneath the car when I got out, but I would still leave the keys in the car.

Thankfully I grew out of that phase.

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My ex-boyfriend locked us both out of my car, while it was running. Thankfully his dad worked for State Farm Insurance and got us a locksmith for free. Wooo

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Did it the other day with the screen door. Yeah, the screen door. I went out onto the balcony to water the plant. Closed the screen door behind me so the cats wouldn’t get out. Somehow it locked behind me. I tried and tried to pry it open. I live on the 3rd floor of our apartment so I started to freak out a little. I didn’t want to be stuck up there all day! I ended up peeling it off of the track and making it in.

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When my parents decided that I was first old enough to go home after school without a babysitter, I lost my keys so many times that I quickly ended up having to spend an extra year with a babysitter.

They were not impressed with my resourcefulness at finding at least 4 ways to break into the house (crawlspace, 2 different windows and jimmied the back door)—nor were they impressed with how they once found me sitting in the Juniper bushes while it was snowing—and I didn’t mind because I had a book to read.

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@keobooks You would of made a perfect crimnal. LOL

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Omgosh! It just happened today.. My son ended up taking my house key to school today as he couldn’t find his keys, and he thought it would be OK as he would be home before me.. Well, I ended up having to come home at lunch… and that’s when I realized I was in trouble.. I have to go in the back yard to the window we have an air conditioner in.. open the window, position a trash can near the window to set the A/C on… lift the A/C out and set on the trash can and climb through the window… lol.. it was a disaster..!

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@Mike1969 Hee hee I would of loved to see that. I would of gotten stuck.

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I’ve done both, but the best one, ever, was when my car was running and I shut my skirt in the door leaving for work. lol

I had locked the door from the inside when I closed it, soooo, I had to take my skirt off and run to my car for the housekeys in my tights. hahaha

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I have several (might even qualify for many) times. That’s why I always pay a little more to have it included with roadside assistance on my insurance.

As for my house, I know which rock in the garden hides the spare house key.

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