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Has anyone lost their account or gotten banned on Fluther for being too naughty?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 24th, 2010

When you get moderated is there a limit? Can you get kicked out? What happen if you are flagged or you flag someone else? Just curious. Do you know of anyone that has?

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Not yet.

Yes, I know of a few who got the banhammer. Also, I know of some who decided to leave because they had enough (moderation, complaints from other jellies and because they got into it with a jelly or two).

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The’s no automatic kicks based on hitting some limits. Everyone’s human and makes mistakes, does things they regret or says words they didn’t mean. Banning/suspensions are always a decision made by the moderation team.

The best way to get kicked is create problems, stir up trouble, get in fights and push people’s buttons for the sake of pushing buttons. The best way to stay is not do those things—you know, treat others like a human being and try to be helpful. Easy enough, right?

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@timtrueman I have never been a troublemaker. I don’t have the heart. I just curious if your answer gets moderated if their is a limit. I mean how do you keep trolls and spam out so well. Whatever your doing your doing a good job.

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A few people have been. Obviously, they are not here to answer your question.

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@Frenchfry No automated limits, although there are some automated emails that can get triggered to the mods just as a heads up. Everything is human-powered™.

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@tinyfaery Now they can’t start a new account and start trouble again . can they?

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@Frenchfry They can, but, they wouldn’t admit to it here.

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A buddy of mine got into an argument on a thread about how the meaning of the word fag has changed in the last 10–15 years. His argument was that his generation and the youth of our country don’t see it as an insult meaning you’re gay, but more of “you’re a jerk” and the person he argued against was arguing that it still implies that you’re gay and that its insulting to gay people to use it as a put down.

Long story short in debating the meaning of the word fag, he called the other person a fag a few times and promptly found himself with a 2 week ban. The mod that did it e-mailed him and told him why he banned him and said it was just a bit too far, to which he basically replied “Go BLEEP yourself, and don’t bother re-instating it in two weeks.”

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I’m working on it. Pointing out the stupidity and laziness of others isn’t acceptable on Fluther, where community managers are appointed as arbiters of what is and is not overly “snarky” behavior.

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@tedd So a discussion among strangers led to name calling and a 2 week banning on a question and answer site that, 2 weeks from now, won’t matter at all. Doesn’t seem worth arguing with strangers, does it?

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@chyna In the words of a poster on another site I read once…. “Arguing on the internet is like racing in the special olympics… even if you win you’re still retarded.”

And I really hope the mods that read that have a sense of humor… lol

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Folks do get suspended and/or banned for extreme misbehavior. Also, spammers are banned immediately. All of these decisions are made by the (all human) mod team.

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@Frenchfry I’m not getting into those stories again.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Np… I don’t like to dwell up not so good feelings. I am the curious type.

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I’ve never been banned and hope never to again.

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It’s a rare occurrence but it has happened. Some people have left and the site is poorer for it.. other were banned and I think humanity in general (not just the site) is better off not having to sift through so much tripe.

Also…Some people on the site who I consider friends and I believe are an integral part of the community here started out as trouble makers and I will admit I wanted to reach into the screen and rip their faces off. Now though I can’t imagine the site without them.

@augustlan is lying to you all… the moderation team is NOT all human. Timbot does not qualify as human.

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@Dr_C But he’s so lifelike!

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My other accounts got banned a long time ago. I don’t think it’s because of my naughtiness,as I never use it inappropriately,I use them to discuss my more-sensitive issue.

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