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My PSP saving broken?

Asked by aaronmacc (2points) August 24th, 2010

I have had my PSP for over two years now and had no problems at all until now:( for some reason i cant save the game tony hawks underground 2 remix but can for all the other games iv got a 4 gig memory card. i have tried re format the PSP and nothing happened. when i load it it says insufficient free space could any one help me please

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Insuffient free space means you have no memory left. Looks like you need a bigger memory card

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hmm, if you can connect the psp to a computer and check how much free space you have that way. if you are full you need to do some cleaning, if not then you may have a problem

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i have 3.47 gb left i got plenty

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hmmm, is that a umd or is your psp hacked?

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ermm no hacks

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hmmmm, try this. fill your memory stick till it has less than 2 gb worth of space, then attempt saving.

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ok thanks for your help

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well, hopefully it worked.

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