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Need Slogan and Designs for Leadership Tee shirts?

Asked by jabobo_11 (33points) August 24th, 2010

For leadership class we are making shirts. We want to be interesting and unique.
We need a design and a slogan.
Some ideas we came up with is like that picture with the world with people holding hands around it but instead of the world we would have a paw and students holding hands like the football players and the band geeks. Thats on the front and then on the back would be the symbols for peace love and a paw at the bottom.
We are totally brain dead on the slogans. Last years slogan was “lend a helping paw” if that helps you. The slogan has to be about helping or being a leader i guess.
So if you can please help me come up with ideas and/or tell me what you think of the ideas we came up with.

AND we dont want to do tie dye because another club is doing that and one the shirt has to say Leadership 2010–2011
our school colors are Purple and Gold and our mascot is the Wildcats.

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’‘Best Care Anywhere’

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“transformers.” let that marinate.

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Maybe a black and white stencil with some bold text above/underneath.
Something like this

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This isn’t fair, this is work you’re supposed to do, haha. No seriously, so the paw is the paw of the school mascot? How about “Be a pal, Give me some Paw”
Or maybe you can be original by using a Hawaiian theme, like the Paw giving the Shaka and a slogan that reads something like “Don’t Shaka me”
My school mascot was a Griffin and Griffins kick ass.

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clap your paws and let your spirit roar

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