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Where do you find "the best bang for your buck", on hotel/flight vacation packages?

Asked by zzc (1135points) August 25th, 2010

Going to Vegas, hopefully in October, to celebrate our 60th birthdays! Limited funds. Where do you recommend finding the best deal on flight/hotel vacation packages?

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It’s not a hotel/flight package, but travelocity has great deals with their Top Secret Hotels. I got a room for 2 nights in a four star resort in Orlando for $50 a night! The only thing is, you don’t know what hotel/resort you are booking until you have already booked. The great thing about it is that it only uses three and four star hotels/resorts. :D

BarnacleBill's avatar usually has great deals, especially to Vegas.

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The some of the travel web-sites are great for shopping around. Be wary about using them to book travel arrangements though. Some offer non-refundable packages, so if there is any remote chance that something might bring about a change of plans, you’d be out of luck.

If you haven’t been there before, do a little work on researching the city. The Strip is where all the big action is, where as downtown has cheaper casinos and probably cheaper hotels. There are also some nice hotels just off the strip.

It might be worth going through a travel agent, who can spend some time discussing the best options within your budget. While you pay a commission, they have access to all the different packages.

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Our AAA; membership allows us to have access to the best travel planner/rates.

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