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Is there a travel website where you just put your departure city and it gives you options for last minute vacations from that city?

Asked by occ (4176points) April 4th, 2013

This seems like something that should exist – for when you suddenly have time off and want to take a last minute vacation and don’t care where you go, just somewhere awesome. Is there a place where you can type in just a departure city and then get a list of sunny beachy destinations that you can get good last-minute rates to from that city? I tried doing an internet search but found a lot of bad websites without good UI. If anyone has tips, would love to hear them – thanks!

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Great idea. The only sites I know that come kind of close is specific airline websites like Delta will have special deals from various cities and what you need to do is look at the list and find flights originating in your city. Although, Delta is rarely very cheap. I think American Airlines used to email me similar lists. Marriott emails me special deals also, or you can go to their site to see the deals. If your airport is a hub city airport, I recommend signing up for that airline’s deals to get email notices or look at that airline’s website. If Spirit airlines is in your airport they often have great deals. If you live near a port city that has cruise ships, cruises have fantastic last minute prices. is great to surf cruises available.

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Try Expedia. Pick the city you want to depart from and the type of travel need – for example, Hotel, Flight, Hotel + Flight, Cruise. Here is a link

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Expedia is supposed to be good. Unfortunately for me I love Lake Placid. I have to make my arrangements in January for a July trip.

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This site offers something like that for Canadian cities. I don’t know where you’re located, so it may or may not help you.

@BosM Expedia is kind of evil. I tend to avoid them on principle.

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Ice Lolly does this for people in the UK.

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