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Where can I find a basic contract for licensing photographs from photographers?

Asked by woodlandanimals (82points) March 25th, 2008

I’ve been searching around and haven’t been able to find quite what I need. I’m looking for a contract for non-exclusive licensing rights for an image to use in digital and print media. flickr is way better then stock photography sites.

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I found this one through Google. Just type into google what you are looking for and a PDF version should come up that you can just copy word for word…I know one of my photographer friends did this.

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All you’re doing is a license grant, you may not need a full contract (particularly if neither of you is a lawyer and neither of you is having a lawyer look over it), I would just work out some agreement (the PLUS system is great for this ), have both of you sign that you agree to the terms, and go on your merry way.

Lots of legal language is probably not required, esp if neither of you understand it =)

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Go check out Creative Commons licensing methods. That might be something for you to consider!

cmmicek's avatar – Graphic Artists Guild – Ethical Pricing Standards

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