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Are Nursery rhymes still being told to children?

Asked by actuallery (607points) August 27th, 2010

Do they tell them in kindergartens and primary school, or even in higher education? Are there any new ones or are they just the old ones like “hey diddle diddle”?

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Parents read Nursery Rhyme books to their children still.

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My kids didn’t like them. They preferred cute short short stories.

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No, the children are too busy playing video games…

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My ( grown ) children often read nursery rhymes to their children. As best I can tell, this gradually ceases after the little ones learn to read on their own.

I honestly don’t know what nursery rhymes they read to them, although I have seen some of the same books I remember laying around their homes. : )

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I teach preschool, and we don’t have those books there any more. I’m assuming you mean the classics, and because education has changed so much (and many of them are considered politically incorrect these days) some of us have to save those for free play conversation. When I hear a student quote one of the classics, however, it warms my heart.

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Basically no, the world has moved on.

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I read nursery rhymes to my youngest child still, my eldest is only 8 but has heard them so much she has out grown them.

If your asking about early childhood centers such as pre-k or kindergarten, my eldest went to a place called head start and they taught her quite a few. My youngest is getting ready to start and they said they still read them and then follow with small projects with the children to see how well they comprehend the story. (pictures that pertain to the story)

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I read nursery rhymes to my grandchild and she loves them.

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@busymommy247 – Were the nursery rhymes that “Head Start” read, olde nursery rhymes or new ones (if they, in actuality, exist, at all)?

Do you know which nursery rhymes they used?

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