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What sports can I play with a heart condition?

Asked by ivysaurgoesrawr (106points) August 27th, 2010

I have a heart condition that restricts me from doing intense cardio activities but I would like to get involved in a sport in order to get in better shape, and make new friends, etc. What sports could I play that would not put to much stress on my heart?

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Your doctor would be the best one to talk to about which sports were safe for you to participate in. Most of the sports that you would get involved in to get in better shape would have some cardio activity, so it’s really hard to say without knowing your condition. Also, for some organized sports, you would need your doctor’s clearance before you could participate.

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I would suggest no more than a light nightly walk.

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Before you begin regularly playing any sport, I urge you to get a routine physical and the A-OK from a doctor. Any sudden changes in exercise routine, diet, and athletic recreation should be properly monitored if you have any sort of condition – especially when the heart is involved.

Because we don’t know your medical history (including the type of heart condition you have), there’s no way we could access how much athletic strain your body can handle. It’s entirely possible to participate in sports that aren’t as taxing on the heart as others, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending anything online.

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Definitely check with your doctor on whatever you decide to try.

Here are my suggestions, I am not a doctor:
Golf in moderate temperatures
Water aerobics
Walking (mall walking when very hot or cold outside) or treadmill
Zumba Gold modify if you get winded

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HS! An open forum website is the last place you should ask for health advice especially heart issues!! Waaaay too much going on there. Ask your cardiologist and no one else!!

Yoga and light swimming is my RX for ya! ;)

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Putt putt.

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Thought of some more:

Ping pong

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Great advice/suggestions but I think I’ll pick up bowling. :D

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@JLeslie I dunno ‘bout the racquet sports; if you’re not in very good shape, all that movement will generate cardiac stress.

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@Nullo I tried to pick the racket sports that have less movement, but you could very well be correct. We don’t know how restricted the OP is.

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you can play just about any sport….......... on xbox.

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@Scooby There are some very physical kinds of chess. My friends and I developed a sort of combat chess, whereby you could use an empty soda bottle to disrupt your opponent’s concentration, usually by smacking him in the head with it.
Very energetic.

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I was thinking the more traditional game :-/ without the violence.. If it can be helped!

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Only one of your doctors who knows the exact nature of your heart condition and the possible complications you could experience from each of the different sports is qualified to advise you – there may be concern if your heart rate goes too high or concern for a dangerous arrythmia if you play a contact sport and get hit in the chest. Be cautious and get specific directions from your doctor. In all likelihood you will be permitted several sports, but any advice by other than your own physician could put you in danger.

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