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Inspired by an earlier question.... What are your turns-ons when on a date?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) August 27th, 2010

What are some of your turn-ons when on a date? Describe your best date.

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Humor, intelligence, compassion and kindness will get me every time.

Best date? Too long ago to remember. But I have had some lovely evenings with my intelligent, funny and kind husband lately.

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I love a man who can talk about a variety of subjects, who I can tell is interested in what I have to say. Smells nice, good hygiene. Call me a bit old fashion but opens the door for me like a car door. I love a manly deep voice and a nice sqeezable ass. Makes me laugh. My first date with my husband went great and not so great. I bumped my head getting into his truck and had a goose egg in the middle of my forehead.. We went out to eat at a fish resteraunt and had cocktails served at the beach and went for a walk listening to the waves. I lost my flipflops, He helped me find them. He made all little mishaps actually very funny. Instead of being embarassed . He made me laugh about it. We talked about everything and everything. I knew their was something there.

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Confidence, ability to look me in the eye, ability to make me laugh, an ease about their person, intelligence, ability to challenge and interest me via their conversation and I want to feel wanted by them.

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On time

Comfortable in public

Confident enough to show humor but not clownish

Intelligent and charming without arrogance

Complimentary without seeming like a player

Well groomed but not showy

Scores excellent seats in a restaurant

Tries to eat slowly enough not to leave me still munching alone with my plate. It’s irritating and rude as hell anyway that wait people aren’t trained to leave both plates down until both diners are done.

Doesn’t whine about movie prices

Suggests things like night time walks, dessert cafes, stargazing

Makes me feel like the most interesting creature in the whole room

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Intelligence, respect, manners, and kindness are all turn ons for me.

My best date ever was with my husband. We had been dating exclusively for a few months and he decided he was going to take me to Annapolis for a romantic weekend. He picked me up at my house, took my suitcase and put it in his truck, and opened the door for me. We drove to Annapolis and talked the whole way. We got checked into our hotel room and he took my suitcase up to our room. We got dressed for dinner (me in a little black dress, him in a suit). We stopped at the hotel’s bar for a drink before heading to dinner, then we headed to dinner. He opened doors for me at every opportunity. When we got to the restaurant, he helped me with my coat and with my seat. That was the first time anyone had every done that for me. We ate dinner and dessert by candle light, talking the whole time. After dinner, we went for a little walk before heading back to his truck. We ended up only spending one night in Annapolis because there was a Christmas party for us to go to the next day, but it was a wonderful night. It was the first time anyone had ever treated me the way he did. He still does those things for me now and each time I remember just how lucky I am.

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Good manners,confidence and a sense of humor ;)

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We went for a walk in the park. We talked about books and ideas. He got me a coffee. We were able to put each other at ease. Though the frisson was definitely in the air, there were no expectations and neither of us were making a big deal out of anything. We were just getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company.

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If only more young men knew how to live up to these answers, more young women would be treated with respect.

For those who date others of the same gender, I’m sure most of these answers probably still apply. Please correct me if I am wrong on this point.

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My first date with my husband was awesome.

I asked him out to the Renaissance Festival. It was great to just have nearly a full day to walk around, play games, chat about different things, and learn about each other.

The best thing was that there was no pretense. No one was pretending they were the coolest, most put-together person ever. We screamed our heads off, cheering on the evil side of the Human Combat Chess board, and debated whether a full-Elf character should be allowed to play as a Bard in Dungeons and Dragons, and munched on gigantic smoked turkey legs, and I totally kicked his ass at the archery competition.

The biggest turn on… was probably when the magic act called him up on stage. He was so quick-witted (as opposed to most audience participation guests, who stand there gaping stupidly), he actually made James the Unbelievable and Joe the Talking Mute even more funny!

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As I read some of the above answers…and culling from my own life…I think women in general still really would like a modicum of grace in their partners…grace, thoughtfulness, chivalry and romance.

I have been on dates with loud, pushy guys who meet you at the door, walk in front of you, won’t open your car door….and then talk/talk/talk…..about themselves, their work, their life. On the other hand, you have the guy who watches too much Dr Phil and has all the “right lines”: “So, tell me…have you accomplished everything in your life that you wanted?” Leans forward, hands under chin. Uh…what? I don’t know you. I don’t really want to discuss that with you yet. We haven’t even ordered a drink yet. You realize that this is the “new” way of figuring out how much money you make and/or if you are a loser. It used to be that if you just had a job, that was okay. Now, it’s how diverse isyour portfolio, who do you know and how accomplished are you? Men complain about women being picky…but men do the same thing. I’ve seen that.

In the end, what I have learned is this: the turn-on is chemistry. And I say this because I have gone out with men who are accomplished, wealthy, gorgeous and tick all the boxes…thoughtful, romantic, wonderful. But something is missing…chemistry. That unknown factor that seals the deal.

So, really…what turns me on? Someone who has the chemistry to turn me on…and I don’t mean just physically…but with the intelligence, strength, humor and whatever that X-factor is…that cannot be calculated.

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Fish nets that just don’t want to stay put!

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@Cruiser LOL….Perfect Cruiser response!

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Give me a little humor and adventure and I’ll pet ya. ;)

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Uhh pretty much our knees touching.

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I’ve never been on one, but if that happens in the future, I hope he’ll be funny, weird, likes sports, has to be buff!, smart! and also he has to pay for our food.

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Makes me laugh, chivalrous, challenges me, buttonshirt open with a little chest hair.

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Firstly it’s humour, then intelligence, and have an air of sexiness about them, not model looks, just a naughty smile or a twinkle in their eye.

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