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Have you ever told a police officer: "I pay your salary"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 27th, 2010

Throughout the years, I guess the most popular wording from people being placed under arrest is: “I pay your salary”. This may be true, but do people realize that police officers also pay taxes, so in turn, they are paying for their own salary? Question: Have you ever been in a situation where you have made this comment to an officer?

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No way. When you’re at the mercy of the long arm of the law doing anything that might irritate a cop is a horrible idea. Only an idiot would “act out” like that. The only time I’ve wanted to mouth off to a cop was when one made fun of my middle name.

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What? No way. I’ve never been arrested, though. Even so…

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Hell no. I respect the police. I smile, listen, and usually get away with a verbal warning. ;)

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Saying something like that isn’t persuasive, it’s just a way to vent. Venting to a police officer won’t help you.

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Nope, never even thought about saying it.

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No. I always showed respect for police officers. They have a tough enough job as it is for very little pay. I always got respect (and breaks) back from them. It is rare when I have an encounter but they happen from time to time (mostly traffic related).

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Never. I say all that when I am with friends, I would never say it directly to his face. I get so tongue-tied if I get pulled over that one would think that I am hiding a corpse in the trunk!!!!!

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Oh no way! The worst I’ve done is to be annoyed with an officer who pulled me over because the paper registration in my back window was partially in the tinted part and they pulled me over right across from the apts. I was staying at, very near my job and people I recognized from my work drove by, slowed down and looked. I was very embarassed.


John, “I pay your salary!” There, I just did it my friend. Lol! (wink).

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@MRSHINYSHOES you just made me lol4rl :)

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That is something I would never do and something Mel Gibson has done.

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No,I have always been very nice when pulled over :)


@lucillelucillelucille I knew you were always an angel. ;)

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Damn near 99% of cops are douches that seek the control the couldn’t find in high school. It isn’t worth pissing them off. Let them know they have the power the limp-dicks crave and carry on.

It makes life easier and they get off.

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@MRSHINYSHOES -Tell that to Aunt Bitchy! XD

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Well mexican cops are corrupted and they really dont deserve any respect, but, i havent the need of paying they salary, with 25 dlls. they let you free hahaha

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I’d like to add that I’ve never really had a bad experience with a cop. I was arrested once for shoplifting (many, many years ago) and the cop was actually super cool – he didn’t even put cuffs on me and let me walk a few paces in front of him as he escorted me out of the store (he did warn me that trying to run away would be a very bad idea). He also told me not to beat myself up over the crime (I must have been repeating “I feel like a moron for doing this” or something along those lines).

I do think there should be more community control of law enforcement, some sort of system to air grievances that actually gets results, but at the same time I think the police are way underpaid for what they do.

There are plenty of good cops out there. Even the naysayers have to admit they can’t imagine not being able to call on them when they’re the victim of a crime.

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I have done work at a few cops’ homes so they helped pay my salary at the time, although I’m not a salary earner, it worked out.

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I’ve never done that. When I get pulled over or something I act all sweet and put on an innocent face. :)

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No, because I don’t pay it directly enough for it to count. They pay my salary every time they go to the doctor (I work in a doctor’s office), but that doesn’t mean they’re my boss. Everyone pays for everyone else’s salary if you go through enough degrees of removal. Besides, it’s a dick thing to say, and I’d like to save my ‘pissing them the f*** off’ moment for something really worth it – like violating my 4th amendment rights, not giving me a ticket I deserved.

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The only police officer I ever had a problem with, was a close personal friend. I always had the most respect for this man until the day he told me about testing pepper spray on a raccoon and an opossum. After he sprayed them and they were running away in pain, he shot them. And, he didn’t see the problem with it. I couldn’t bring myself to a compromise, thinking on that one.

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@MissA I wonder if it occurred to him that animal cruelty is a crime.

Or does that only apply to creatures we’ve come to know as “pets”?

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@FutureMemory He didn’t think that it was cruelty…he left that force not too long afterward. Perhaps he boasted about this to the ‘wrong’ person.

I can’t believe that I didn’t see that side of him before.

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Edited by me. In the car with a friend, he pulls up in front of my house, facing the wrong way on the street, so I can get out and run into the house to use the bathroom. Police car is sitting at the cross road, sees him pull up the wrong way in front of the house, puts his lights on, and comes over to give my friend a ticket. I try to explain that I just need to run into the house to use the bathroom, and he tells me to “shut the f—- up.” I say, look I live here and really, really need to use the bathroom, and start to get out of the car, and he pulls his gun on me and tells me to get back in the car.

After dicking around with his radio and checking the plates,making us sit there for 10 minutes, he writes my friend a ticket, says have a nice day, and drives off.

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I would never say that for fear he’d say, “Well, buster, I’m not getting paid nearly enough to protect your dumb-ass life.”

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Thanks everyone for your answers. i have had this statement said to me at least 5 times in my police career. i just considered the situation and carried on with the arrest. like the saying goes…..“sticks and stones make break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

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In all seriousness, I think it’s a disrespectful thing to say to a person of authority and I would never say it.

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No way . My ex had a policeman continually say, “I don’t have time for this” so my ex goes, “if you don’t have time then just write me a ticket and let me go” and we had to go face the judge!! that is, my H did.

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I never have.

Here are some other phrases I’ve never used while I was pulled over:

I’m a taxpaying citizen, therefore I’m your boss, and you’re fired!
You’ll never take me alive, copper!
Go ahead and cite me- no traffic court can hold me!
Driver’s license? I don’t need no stinking driver’s license!
You can’t cite me for DUI because I designated myself to drive. :)

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Brian, have heard of these phrases before, but none were ever cited to me. good answer.

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I need to clarify, that I have never said anything like that to a police officer. But my example is the one time I sure as heck thought it. I am still ticked off about it. I live in a neighborhood with no driveways, or my friend would have pulled into it. While I live in the city, the traffic on my street is extremely light. We are sort of a road that connects to a dead end alley. I live in the middle of a block. For my stretch of block, for seven houses, there was only one other car. Across the street, there were no empty parking spaces.

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No. I was a County employee, too.

For a long time, though, I’ve wanted to tell a cop, “I got laid off a month before Christmas so you could get a raise in 2007. Hope you’re fucking happy.”

Because that’s a true story.

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My last encounter with the police was a couple weeks ago. I was stopped for speeding. The officer told me that he was going to issue me a warning. I asked how fast I was going. He said “I could write the speed on the ticket if you wish”. I told him that it wasn’t necessary, accepted the warning and carefully drove away.

Actually, I wasn’t paying his salary, unless I took the ticket. I had more things going through my mind than smart ass remarks for the cop.

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