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Can a person be seen as acting actively and yet, in actuality, be lost in a day dream?

Asked by actuallery (607points) August 28th, 2010

Is it actually an actual actuality to actually act actively?

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@actuallery : Could you please change your user name so we could have some fun with other words ? ;-)

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you are an alliteration bug.

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@JilltheTooth i hope this puppy doesn’t turn out to be a one trick pony

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Actually, this question should be addressed to @RealEyesRealizeRealLies….I’m certain he will see right through this, and can help…...maybe.
Me? I’m dizzy, so see ya…....Gary/wtf

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Actually, my kids do sometimes all day long it seems and when I catch my employees acting this way…I hit em with a blast of the air horn I carry with me at all times and it actually works quite well!

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@cruiser – At least somebody is taking this question seriously. I originally put it into psychology but those mod gremlins thought it was best in Social. I have see people with Mental Health issues wander aimlessly and yet seem to be active even though they stare with a blank face, in their wanderings.

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@actuallery Truth be told I am in out of that state of being all day long. I am an intense thinker and I’m sure I look like an escaped zombie nursing home patient often completely in another zip code.

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@actuallery If you want the question to be taken seriously, you might want to word it more clearly. Just a friendly suggestion – not meant to be snarky.

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Achtung-baby! :¬)

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Yes it is possible and plenty of people I know do it, I can tell when a person is like that. There is also people that even though they are acting “normal” they are completely wrapped inside their own head.

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When people daydream, they are thinking more. You come up with more ideas, possibilities, you meditate a little so your mind is more relaxed. I don’t know how many answers I have came up with to my own questions due just to daydreaming. I am the artsy-fartsy type so I get a lot of ideas for new pictures as well. :)

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Say that five times fast.

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@frenchfry – that that that that that

Now how about answering the Question?

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@actuallery Smart Ass. LOL Yes ,people can wonder around in a daydream yet finish everything they have to do that day. Just takes them alittle longer. I do it all the time.

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@ianbb – sorry, I flagged your reply as “off-topic”. If you do not understand the question then there is no need for a reply. I’m sure that other answers can give you some insight and perspective to this question, after all, though it might be a questionable question, it is unquestionably, still a question.

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People can do interesting things without being actively aware of it (sleepwalking and sleep eating come to mind).

@actuallery You’re question is in the social section. If you wanted answers to it as a serious quesiton, you should have put it in the general section. The general section guideleines are more strict than the social section guidelines. If you want it moved to the general section, you can flag it and ask a mod to move it to the general section. Just be sure to put in the comment section that you wanted it to be a serious question and not a social one.

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@seaofclouds – I got a mod gremlin send me this question for “editing”. I had a choice of either deleting the question or putting it into Social, no other choices were made. Besides, I got some good answers from a few people and that is good enough for me.

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Read up on the non-duel philosophies such as Adviata Vendanta.

There is no doer, just doing. ;-)

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@actuallery Actually, it is an “actuality” to “act actively”. All acts are actual.
Even those that are acted.
@Coloma Doesn’t “doing” require a doer?

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There is no ‘you’, no ‘doer’, only consciousness expressing itself through itself.
The ‘self’ you see as a separate ‘you’, is not you, but your ego.

There is no separate anything, only consciousness, ’ god ’ expressing itself through a myriad of form.

Doing HAPPENS, there is no doer.

Hard to grasp, study up on non-duality, again, for those interested.

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