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Is there really a difference between TI calculators and Casio calculators?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) August 28th, 2010

Or will they both get the job done?

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TI is better, Casio is useless. Imo anyway. TI allows you to cheat at everything and play games unless they check for that at your school.

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The graphic calculators we were required to use in school were all Casio. They get the job done.
If the ability to “cheat and play games” is important to you with a calculator, drop out of school and work at McDumb.

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@ragingloli The ability to cheat isn’t important, but it’s not cheating in real life – it’s utilizing all the tools available to you.

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the main difference i have found is the way you can program them. TI have more of a capability and are easy to program. other than that there close to the same thing.

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I have managed to get most of what I need to do done better on a Casio than on a TI, but both pale in comparison to my old HP 48G, which could do more 15 years ago than any current TI or Casio.

As for what is approved for exams… that has more to do with politics than capabilities. I rather like the built-in Equation Library and the ability to write complex equations in a simple graphical editor. I also like the ability to animate my graphs.

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@jerv Politics like….?

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@papayalily By “politics”, I mean that bureaucracy is not good at handling technology in general and frown on things that they don’t understand. For instance, this story about a TV typewriter is a great example.

The College Board has the HP 48-series on their approved list for AP calculus but prohibits the use of a stylus. The HP 48-series does not use a stylus, nor can it! This proves that they have no clue. And the PSAT/NSMQT may or may not allow any calculator since the guidelines are rather subjective.

I’ve seen places that only approve of one particular make/model of calculator (often a TI-83) and forbid all others for no real reason.

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To be honest, I’ve never used a Casio calculator, just the TI ones, because that’s what we had when I went to high school.

That being said, I think that TI ones may be better just because they’re more widely used and easier to program. I’ve never had an issue as long as I followed instructions.

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