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What is your preference in breakfast pastries?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) August 29th, 2010

Good Morning! I love so many.

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I am not a breakfast pastry kind of person, for some reason. I always go for the plain cake doughnut if I’m going to have something like that for breakfast.

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Cheese or cheese and mushroom pastry.

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I love a crumb coffeecake.

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Slathered with cream cheese, a bagel is pastry, right? I also love danish with poppyseed filling, traditional coffee cake (warmed), and cinnamon toast.

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Served in bed with coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit! ;)

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Three Krispy Kremes , cream filled. Luckily, I can’t find KK’s anymore. /-:

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@Aster I wish they had them here! OMG. Now you can get them at the 7 elven but it’s not the same.

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I went to the factory place in New Orleans. Now Those were fresh!

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An everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, please!

Or just a buttered croissant. And coffee, of course.

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I have never understood the cream cheese thing. To me , it has no flavor unless it has sugar in it. /-: Nice texture, though.

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I may not be a pastry person, but cream cheese is heavenly.

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I can barely taste it . lol

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I love croissants, fresh and warm from my favorite French pastry shop.

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The best pastry is a freshly-baked pastry. Full stop. Especially when it is homemade and the house fills up with that bakery scent.

Note to self: don’t go on Flutter before eating breakfast. I’m salivating. Yuck.

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I love pastries. I don’t like any with fruit on or in them though. If it’s a plain pastry (like a plain croissant) I like to put a little bit of butter on it and some cinnamon and sugar. Speaking of cinnamon, I love cinnamon rolls. Let’s not forget donuts, especially chocolate frosted ones.

I have some glazed Krispy Kreme donuts downstairs, I think I’ll go get one (even though it’s lunch time).

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Don’t eat it often but I love the ocassional Chesse Danish, soft and creamy with a cup of french vanilla coffee. Mmmmm…

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Prune pastry pie
Sticky cinnamon swirl pull apart rolls with nuts on top
A baked noodle dish called Babka I eat with drizzled syrup from jarred fruit
Croissants with almond paste

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My favorite muffin has this coconut thing with creme…....

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Something savoury. Although savoury breakfast pastries aren’t common here. It would more likely be a bacon sandwich or a cheese toastie. I don’t do sweet stuff.

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This morning i munched Croissants and home-made bramble jelly…Hmmm delicious!

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A pastry filled with egg, cheese & sausage. Wish I had one now!

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@bippee Ooo Bippee. You got me wanting one. I love a good sausage.

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haha, yeah I figured you’d like sausage!~

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