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Fastest way to dry hair?

Asked by youWISHyouknewME_152 (43points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Was wondering, what is the fastest way (besides a blow-dryer) to get THICK hair dry.

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I have thick hair and it still takes about thirty minutes but it used to take me longer. I blow dry my hair in different sections by tying each section of hair from bottom up (I don’t know if that makes sense) and it drys faster because its by smaller sections instead of all at once. Hope this helps! :)

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I gave up on trying to wrestle with styling tools and my hair looks better than ever, and I get many compliments on how shiny it is. I used to spend 20–30 minutes drying it, then another 15–20 with a curling brush. Now it takes me no time, I put a leave-in conditioner in the ends, and a little mousse on the crown to give it direction, I brush it into place and go about my day. I have a long commute, so by the time I get to work, it’s dry. So consider letting it air dry!

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If it’s not super curly, an ultra-absorbent hair towel is the first thing to try:

After that, one of the newer, ionic hair dryers make a big difference.

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dry it under the sun its the best as your hair gets vitamin D also

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