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Violent and obscene events in American history that have been lost and forgotten...

Asked by okc405 (255points) March 25th, 2008

What events in American history that you feel are important to remember have been erased from the present public mind.

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bombs on the georgia washington bridge.

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The thirteen year old boy who was raped and murdered by two businessmen.

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There’s a great book out there called Raw Deal. Its about these things.
I highly suggest it.

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Jimmy Carter as President.

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Joey Greco getting stabbed in the stomach on cheaters.

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Leisure suits.

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Sand Creek 1864, Bear River 1863, Wounded Knee 1890, Conestoga 1763; Gnadenhutten 1779, Camp Grant 1871, Gunther/Indian Island 1860, Mystic 1637, Yahi tribe 1865–1871, Bad Axe 1832, Bloody Island 1850, Kabai Creek 1854, Keyesville 1863, Marias River 1870,

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oh man amen to that @ tupara

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The series of American beheadings that occurred in the Middle East a few years ago.

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I don’t think people have forgotten about those..

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Well what about when Cop Rock got canceled? Sad day for American’s everywhere.

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There was a show called Cop Rock??? When was this?

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