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What is Fluther afraid of?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) March 25th, 2008

Do you have any phobias? If so is there a reason for it, or have you just always been afraid of it?

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Jellyfish Nets

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I am terrified of the word “foliage.” I am not trying to make a joke. I also fear roller coasters but I love speed (the velocity not the drug)

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Low quality questions and answers. Degradation of the community.

And flying off of switchbacks.

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+1 for flying off switchbacks.

I also have an intense fear of clowns. Why people think clowns are funny I will never understand.

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show me a spider and see me completely flip out

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@brownlemur and vanelokz is there any reason for these fears or have you just always been afraid?

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The dark. Or to be more specific, what could be hiding there.

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Oh and heights. Falling just isn’t fun.

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@uberbatman – My coulrophobia began when I was a child and saw Poltergeist for the first time. There’s a scene where the son tries to throw a blanket or a shirt over the head of this creepy-looking clown doll. He misses, and then suddenly the clown is under the bed and his long arms come out from the bed and strangle the kid. Freaky even by today’s movie standards.

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I’m with brownlemur; i just can’t handle clowns NO MATTER WHAT; there’s nothing funny or amusing about them

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Common I know, but I’ve always been terrified of snakes. All snakes.

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I don’t have any phobias and i just cant understand why people have some of the phobias they have. Like if its a traumatic childhood experience it makes sense but otherwise i dont get it, because these same people who are afraid of a little spider that is harmless will drive 90 mph in a car without thinking anything of it.

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Zombies. Though it’s a fear I’d confront with all out rage and agression to take down the maggot-ridden walking corpse.

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Some dogs and whatever may be in the ocean at the same time I am.

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Sudden, unexpected, loud popping noises like a balloon pop or gun shot. A while back, I took some kind of karma test and it said I had this phobia because in my past life, I was a soldier in the Civil War.

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People I love getting hurt.

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ever since i was little; my
aunt took me to see ronald mcdonald,
the picture is him holding me and i’m
crying. ha!

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I’m afraid of bees. I got stung by a bunch of them when I was little and almost died.

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I’m afraid of bridges & bees.. =X

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@Lightbringer~ thanks for bringing the thread back on tract… I’m afraid of wasps, spiders, snakes, and a sudden huge loss of gravity-like on roller coasters.

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I am afraid of stepping on pins or needles that have been dropped on the carpet.

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@ uberbatman – there really is no explanation to my arachnophobia. I just freak out when I see them

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I am afraid of phobias. They scare me to death.

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I am afraid to feel trapped somewhere (being that in the elevator, in a project that I don’t like, in a relationship etc. etc.)

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Centipedes. Ugh. Even the word sends shivers down my back. That and flags that are disproportionate to their flag poles. I’m not being facetious. They freak me out.

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Raccoons. I hate them. I’m not buying the cute thing, either. I’ve had a lot of bad encounters with them and they’re really, really vicious and scary.

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@ trainerboy – how can u be scared of phobias??

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I don’t know. Maybe I was attacked by a phobia when I was a kid? I don’t remember, I could have blocked it out?

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