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What was the very first thing you bought off the internet?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 30th, 2010

Was it worth it? I’ve only bought Bruce Springsteen’s Live In Hyde Park DVD. My wife enjoys buying stuff off the net. Which is better, buying off the internet or going into the shop and buying the item there?

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An airline ticket.
It was worth it although the next time i bought one, to the same destination, it was a cheaper one, so that one was even more worth it.

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A necklace. It’s a sterling silver box chain with a silver triquetra pendant. I couldn’t find anything like it in stores near me, mostly because my parents were only willing to drive me to the crappy mall nearby. I tied it around my wrist as a bracelet, and still wear it everyday 10 years later.

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I got my dad to buy me some Super Nintendo games off of eBay.

I’m an avid online shopper. I hate going to physical stores, they rarely seem to have what I want, and I can’t easily comparison shop between physical stores.

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Stocks? I don’t know. No it had to be a book. Amazon.

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A Pilates home workout kit. I did it for like a week. Now gathers dust in the corner. I better use it before my hubby sees it. I am always buyng workout stuff to try to improve myself then I don’t use it. I truly need help in the motivation department.

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@Frenchfry My wife does that. Some home work out manufacture is rich thanks to me.

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I bought a book from a long, long time ago. It was so long ago that they were still a start up at the time (remember those radio commercials) and sent me a free travel coffee cup as a marketing tool!

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A textbook. Necesary but hardly worth it

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@hug_of_war Did you end up with a worthless text book or a worthless professor?

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I suppose it was probably a t-shirt from a charity, but I don’t really remember. I usually check prices online, then get on the phone and do the actual purchase.

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A CD from Amazon. I like going out so I shop in person, but shopping online is cheaper.

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I started buying books and old movies from Internet sites because I generally found the selection and prices better, shipment fast, and return policies excellent. Then I graduated to bigger stuff like electronic equipment. And when I discovered how easy it was to buy and have gifts mailed, I was hooked.

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Pretty sure it was an airline ticket.

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A movie! I am not sure what movie but I know it was a movie because no stories had it in stock.

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I think it was some Lemony Snicket books.
I’m like @Sarcasm, I buy most of my things online. It’s usually cheaper than physical stores (once bought a motorhead album from a record store that was $11 which I could have gotten for less on Amazon!)

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I never buy anything online, except airline tickets.

Just never caught on with me for some reason.

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My very first item was a piece of pottery off of e-bay. I’ve been an on-line junky ever since.

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I’d booked myself on a cruise a few years back, and realized that I needed an actual adult lady cocktail dress. Apparently, the vestige of the old days of cruising is to have the restaurants with the good food require the diners to be dressed up, whereas I had only office clothes and casual clothes. Nothing for a fancy dinner.

So I got a very nice silk ¾ length dress from a vendor on eBay and a pair of matching black high-heeled sandals for less than $40. I still wear them when the occasion arises.

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An antique rifle sling and cleaning rod.

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A Marionette puppet for my granddaughter.
It was worth it to me because she is still enjoying it.

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Probably concert tickets, but I could be wrong, that was a long time ago. Whatever it was, it was worth it.

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Books from Book Depository

I still use it today, great prices and free delivery :)

(Gawd i didn’t mean to sound like i was part of their advertisement)

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A membership for the The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. I got a magazine from them.

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A VHS video, I think it was Look Who’s Talking, from Amazon.

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Computer parts, also the most frequent.

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From what i can remember, i think the first thing i ordered and paid for myself was beads (seed beads and other beading stuff). Yes, it was worth it, you can make all kinds of cute things with beads.

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It was either a couple of PEZ dispensers or my Lee Enfield No1 MK III…. I can’t quite remember which.

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Air tickets and rental car.

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