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Why does fluther seem to randomly clear my "Questions for You"?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34484points) August 30th, 2010

I sometimes go through all my questions and remove the ones i dont like and hold on to 5 or so to go back at my leisure and answer as I get time. Lately though, it seems that fluther will randomly just delete these questions. Sometimes they are a couple days old before it happens, but it just happened to me again with questions being asked only earlier today. I am not hitting remove all or anything like that.

Anyone else experiencing problems like this?

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I’ve noticed that, too, but never cared enough to actually ask about it. Now that you have, though, I hope someone has a good answer.

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Yes. I also have questions appear days after I have deleted them. Thankfully I’m too busy these days to care. If it happens this winter though I’ll have to kick someone.

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I’ve seen this happen. There have been times where I’ve logged on and saw the “Questions for you” number, say… 17. I’ll log on a few hours later and see it at like… 14.

I assume the questions have been modded, but I don’t really know. So I’m going to stick with my “they were modded” theory.

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@boots that doesnt appear to be the case. well for me at least. I can see a question that used to be in my “questions for you” still on the front page.

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It’s actually done on purpose. Something to do with storage/server/speed issues if I remember correctly.

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Well that is complete bullplop. Any way to turn this off? Like if I only have 3 questions hangin around i dont see why fluther should delete them from the “questions for you” when meanwhile JP has literally over 800 in his friggin thing :P

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I’ve noticed that too. If you want to keep these questions for later, maybe open them up and click the “Follow Question” link to come back to them later.

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@uberbatman Glad I’m following this question, then!

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I think they are removed after they receive a certain number of answers.

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Gadzooks, there are so many questions that keep coming back! I kill them off because I don’t want to follow them but like cockaroaches they return again and again. Very few are even of interest but I have learned “strike while the iron is hot” because the good ones will be gone and the roaches will always be left.

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As far as I know, there’s no way of turning it off. Following the question is probably your best bet. I bet JP doesn’t have that many any more. This is a pretty recent thing.

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its pretty lame…

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Sowwy, uber. :(

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It is still a lot but it used to be over 10k.

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SEE!!! SEE!!! :P

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@johnpowell is obviously going around at night and stealing everyone’s “Qestions for You.” Dickpunch to @johnpowell !

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“Why does fluther seem to randomly clear my “Questions for You”?”

Because they enjoy bowing before your giant zipper.

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I’ll trade ya! You can have all of my recommended Q’s… It’s just another unwanted delete button in my life.

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We changed the algorithm to cleanup old questions or questions that have already had a handful of answers on a daily basis. The aim was to make sure the questions that needed love the most got it, and also to cut down on the Q4U overload.

It seems to have worked pretty well, though it can feel like you’re “losing questions,” which we obviously don’t want.

We’re going to take another pass at this in the not-too-distant-future, and I think our next solution will find a more natural balance.

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“Questions that needed love” – I love it (and them, the poor blighters)!

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@ben cool, I mean i get what your doing, but getting rid of questions in my thing that got a lot of answers isnt really a great idea. Chances are they got a lot of answers cause its a good question, the exact reason I left it hangin around, and then its gone :P

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GQ – that seriously bothers me as well.

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While we’re on the subject, is there any possibility you can stop being kicked to the error page when you try and go to page 2 of the questions for you after opening a few in tabs.

Often times I’ll find myself with about 35 or so “Questions For You” spanning over two pages, open a few in new tabs, then try and advance to page 2 and get kicked to the error page because there is suddenly enough questions to fit onto one page. Tell me if that makes any sense at all, but it can get a little irritating sometimes because I always seem to hover around the number of “Questions for You” that creates that problem.

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Yea i wish it just redirectd you back to page one instead when things like that happen.

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