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If you could change the fluther mascot(or whatever you'd call it) other than a jellyfish, what would you pick?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 31st, 2010

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Keeping with the theme, i’d have a little clown fish or a nice wee purple seahorse

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A head of lettuce. Preferably bibb.

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I would not change him. Dr. J grows on a person and is rather comical especially around the Holidays.

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^^ agree….I have a feeling if anyone messed with Dr. J they would get a dickpunch;

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Nothing, because the name Fluther means a gathering of jellyfish so why would you pick anything else?

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@Cruiser I thought you meant something more like this

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@serafina Those work too!

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Well, we could change the name to Flocker and then have a penguin as the mascot. Just a suggestion…...

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I would hate to lose the Dr. J icon in the URL bar.

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<- This little cutie.

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@AstroChuck = Head of lettuce


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I liked the jelly fish theme until I went to Hilton Head Island this summer and couldn’t get into the ocean because the jelly fish were rampant. But Dr. J wasn’t one of them, so I’ll vote to keep him.

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An anorak, yes definitely an anorak!! :¬)

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Milo here; Me, of course. (Credit to Rooeytoo). We could call the site “”.

Chuck can be my second-in-command.

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@erichw1504 It’s my grandson!

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Fluther Blobber

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Is that your dyslexia kicking in? ~

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Yes it is!!! LOL

Actually it was a word Woody Allen used in the movie Sleeper.

I just cant find it, so I had to wing it. :-)

And, I am glad you are paying attention.

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I have ADD, so probably tomorrow i’ve already forgot that the guy who has dyslexia was you, ...and i will again be on your back to tell you to use proper spelling :-)

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You bitch :-)

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A pair of parrot.

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If it was my choice i would rename this place (not an actual link) And it’s theme would be Wolves.

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