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Are contentious questions the most interesting thing about this site?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29787points) October 21st, 2013

I’ve heard a lot of people saying fluther was getting boring over the last few weeks. I’m curious how many jellies mostly enjoy the ‘contentious’ questions rather than the everyday questions?

Myself, I like a good argument now and then, but generally speaking I come here for information and to learn about interesting people.

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I do like a good argument. Whether based in facts or back and forth bantering. I do dislike redundancy and people talking in circles.

But I also enjoy learning things sometimes its very applicable to my life or just trivia. Even if it is just a perspective post.

I also like reading the personality posts. I don’t remember everything or every one but it can be fun to get an image of a stranger based in their answers.

I really haven’t been in tune with what’s going on these past few weeks so I don’t know why people are bored.

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Ha, ever noticed how many observing members turn up whenever there’s an argument brewing?
Like fucking vultures circling a carcass, anyone would think the “jungle drums” were summoning them to view the wreckage…surely not ~

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I’m here for the Excel questions.

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@ucme I have noticed actually. Maybe people like to watch other people fight it out?

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@KNOWITALL Appeals to the lowest common denominator, like rubber necking when driving past a car wreck.

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@ucme Hey…not all of us are drama neckers here..I might toss in some humor but I* don’t jump on others bandwagons unless it is so, blatantly, insane it merits a rousing WTF!!!! lol

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My favorite questions are the ones I can relate to, whether it’s a general question or a discussion. I’m not to knowledgeable, so a lot of the times the discussions/debates go over my head.

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@Coloma Course, you don’t have to post to qualify, the desperately sad lurker mustn’t feel left out…oh dear me no!

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I think we’ve established that there are a good number of introverts who visit fluther (myself included). It seems that many of us interact with other humans in ways that tend to avoid small talk, and we generally steer things towards the more serious (or interesting, in my humble opinion). This goes for in real life or here.

When I am with my best friends, there is a pretty good chance that we’ll get stuck in a heated four-hour argument over the existence of free will or something similar. They’re friends of mine because they all enjoy a good argument.

To me, there is something beautiful about a well-crafted argument. Even if it is one crafted to destroy mine, I can appreciate it.

So, yes – I might be more enthusiastic about jumping into a discussion that is “controversial”. But that is likely because most discussions about the weather bore me.

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I can tell you it’s been a while since I added a notch to my ‘feeding frenzy’ belt.

I was reading some old debate threads a few days ago. It was so cordial, everyone making their points, posting links to sources, no one making personal attacks or bringing up off topic remarks about their opponents’ personalities… I miss it.

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I don’t really like debates on fluther unless it is about how to properly reheat a pizza.

I liked fluther a lot more when it was about solving peoples problems and not debate.

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There’s nowt better than a good old fashioned feisty debate, when it’s done properly.
Unfortunately that’s rarely the case now, rather just crass & pathetic shit throwing.
That fucking fan must be buggered by now.

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I’m with @johnpowell, it just gets too negative for me sometimes, who needs more of that?!

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My favorite questions are the ones I can relate to, whether it’s a general question or a discussion.

I’m with @dxs. My least favorite questions are ones that trigger jelly wars in which personal beliefs and opinions are mocked. Not to say I won’t jump into a fray once in a while when I feel especially strong about a particular subject.

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Last few weeks?!?

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No, I still have this unsolved problem.

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If you want contentious questions then unban/invite the Anonymous Witch back, who hangs out on Answerbag.

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Yes, contentious questions are more fun than run-of-the-mill stuff about “Does him looking at me mean he is just too shy to ask…” As much as I love to argue with you, @KNOWITALL, it pains me to admit you are right. :-)

But don’t worry. I’ve got one in the works to take it up a notch, maybe even get a new band of jellies changing their avatars to protest my existence. :-)

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@ETpro Ah, sounds interesting, thanks for being honest. :)

@talljasperman Sounds interesting, never ‘met’ her/ him but I’d be up for it. I think a diverse community keeps it interesting.

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These are the best kind, as long as they don’t get out of hand.

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@CWOTUS Yes, it has been a while since we’ve had pun fun on here.

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Absolutely, what kind of a boring site would it be if everyone agreed or disagreed or had the same life experiences leading to the same conclusions. It is the diversity (and we could use a little more of it) that adds the spice to Fluther.

That being said, I will unfollow a question when it denigrates into a “Did not/Did too” argument.

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I can’t stand it when the arguments are not logical. I am witty, sarcastic, punny and I am a Riddler of sorts.

And heck I do not even hunt since I am a vegan but friggen troll is on the menu.

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